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Make more informed workplace investments.

HqO Data & Analytics™ provides real-time visibility into property engagement, tenant and employee satisfaction, space utilization, and building populations.

Measure Program Success

Know how your building or office population is responding to programs and services so you can make changes in real time.

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Monitor Tenant & Employee Satisfaction

Gain real-time satisfaction levels for the entire building or office population based on which amenities are most important to tenants and employees, how teams are doing in delivering those expectations, and how tenant and employee sentiment is changing over time.

Increase Return on CapEx & OpEx Investments

Know how amenities, spaces, and services are performing so you can make future investments and replace those that are underperforming.

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HqO's dashboards provide real-time insights into your property's physical spaces, tenant company and employee details, and tenant and employee experiences and satisfaction.


Spaces Data

Discover which physical and digital amenities are most popular and understand which tenants and employees are using your spaces the most. Keep on top of visitor registrations, access management, and space utilization. Understand the asset's broader context with a summary of asset square footage, occupied office space and retail, building population, and more.


Experience Data

Learn how your tenant experience investments are performing by benchmarking your amenities against best-in-class assets. Discover what content and events are most popular with your building and employer community and track tenant and employee e-commerce and retailer revenue trends.


People Data

Combine tenant and employee demographic and behavioral data to uncover engagement and platform adoption trends. See engagement and interest profiles for every tenant company so you can create tailored engagement strategies to improve tenant retention.

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Tenant & Employee Satisfaction Data

Understand tenant and employee satisfaction on an ongoing basis so you can learn about your customers and make improvements in those areas. Enable the entire building or office population to provide feedback in the HqO app so you can see overall ratings, amenity satisfaction, and other feedback - by asset, office, and tenant.

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"Tenant engagement data has helped us understand the type of events and services our tenants like the most and plan more throughout the year."

Michael Dekrmnjian
Property Manager, Innovation and Design Building

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