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Tailored workplace experiences that scale with you.

Experience is the key to creating a thriving workplace community. The HqO Workplace Experience Platform™ consists of products and services that create branded and personalized experiences to accelerate innovative and informed portfolio, building, and workplace strategies.

Solutions for Everyone

The HqO Workplace Experience Platform helps drive engagement regardless of the size or diversity of your properties or offices. Our robust functionality, combined with deep integrations, consolidates different workplace technologies into a single user-friendly app. Additionally, rich data and analytics dashboards inform better decision-making and help you keep pace with evolving tenant and employee needs. The HqO platform is secure and scalable, and guarantees results day in and day out.

  • Workplace Experience App
  • Workplace Modules
  • Administration
  • Data & Analytics
  • Enterprise Services
  • Integration Architecture
Workplace Experience Platform

Workplace Experience App

At HqO we know that each user is unique. That's why we created personalized app experiences for tenants, flex members, and corporate employees. Each of these app experiences can be branded for your asset or workplace and tailored to your specific needs.

  • Tenant Experience for Properties: A "remote control" for the people in your property, enabling you to create engaging digital experiences for tenants and guests. Learn More →

  • Flex Member Experience for Flex Spaces: Adds purpose-built capabilities for flex such as enhanced space booking. Learn More →

  • Employee Experience for Corporates: Helps you attract and retain the best employees with remote meeting room and desk booking, parking reservations, and collaboration tools. Learn More →

Workplace Experience Apps

Workplace Modules

Choose the workplace capabilities that best meet your needs. Our modules are powered by a variety of built-in HqO and integrated partner solutions that support food ordering, retail services, transportation, communication, work orders, access control, visitor management, and more. Each module is interoperable and works within the broader HqO platform.

  • Access & Security: Provide services, programming, food ordering, and premium experiences that complement the workplace in order to create deeper tenant and employee engagement. Learn More →

  • Spaces & Maintenance: Take the friction out of space and amenity reservations and help requests by enabling people to do this right in your workplace experience app, allowing you to manage both in a simple, frictionless way. Learn More →

  • Engage: Connect workers with co-workers, people with common interests, the company, and local businesses with targeted content, food ordering, workplace services, and more. You will create a more productive environment where they can do their best work and be more satisfied. Learn More →


HqO's easy-to-use administration interface empowers property, workplace experience, and HR teams to deploy workplace initiatives through a single console.

  • Access & Security: Easily manage visitors, access, parking resources, and more Learn More →

  • Spaces & Maintenance: Manage available desks and meeting rooms, automate the reservation process, track work orders, and more. Learn More →

  • Engage: Easily manage all aspects of workplace engagement including content, push and email notifications, programming and events, workplace services, and more. Learn More →

  • Marketplace: Add pre-integrated technologies and experiences, all accessed through a convenient workplace app. Learn More →

HqO Administration Modules

Data & Analytics

HqO Data & Analytics collects important building and tenant behavioral data as well as office and employee behavioral data that allows you to make more informed decisions and monitor performance. Real-time feedback about your building's and office's amenities and experiences empowers you to adopt an iterative, adaptable approach to the workplace.

  • Detailed Analytics: Track all aspects of the workplace, including space usage and tenant and employee experiences, engagement, and satisfaction. Learn More →

HqO Data & Analytics

Enterprise Services

Whether you manage a large portfolio, a midsize building, or a corporate office, our scalable and secure platform can meet your needs today and into the future.

  • Flexible & Configurable: Modular architecture that is fully configurable and whitelabeled to meet your unique needs.

  • Scalable: Built with a modern distributed architecture and fast-running native iOS and Android apps.

  • Secure & Compliant: Highly secure operations, tenant, and employee data backed by best-in-class compliance measures and certifications including SOC-II, ISO-2700K, GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and SSO.

Enterprise Services

Integration Architecture

We reduce technical complexity so you can leverage your existing, new, and future technology investments without the hassle. Our platform includes plug-and-play APIs, Single Sign-On (SSO) including SAML, and SDK integrations with best-in-class HqO Marketplace partners. We even have a dedicated testing lab for technologies like access control. And, all our software development, integration, and testing procedures are backed by one of the largest software teams in the business.

Integration architecture
HqO Products

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  • Tenant Experience for Properties
  • Member Experience for Flex Spaces
  • Employee Experience for Corporates
  • Marketplace
  • Data & Analytics

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