Beyond Bike Racks and Recycling Bins: The Coolest Sustainability Features in Today’s CRE Properties

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The commercial real estate world has been notorious for its traditional approach to sustainability. But the tide is turning, and sustainability is fast moving up a tenants “need” list. No longer are sustainability offerings “nice to have”, occupiers are now demanding cutting-edge features that are as good for the planet as they are for their bottom line. 

Below are a few of the newest, coolest sustainability features that are rewriting the playbook.


Biophilic Design

Biophilic design brings nature indoors with green walls, vertical gardens, and even skylights that mimic the natural sky. Not only does it boost employee well-being and productivity, but it also improves air quality and thermal comfort, reducing energy consumption.


Tech-Powered Efficiency

Forget drafty offices and fluctuating temperatures. Smart building technology adjusts lighting, HVAC, and ventilation based on occupancy and real-time conditions. Think voice-activated climate control and AI-powered energy management systems that learn your usage patterns and optimize efficiency. 


Renewable Revolution

Solar panels are so yesterday! Top tenants are looking for buildings showcasing cutting-edge renewable energy solutions like wind turbines integrated into their design, geothermal systems utilizing the earth’s natural heat, or even biodigesters converting organic waste into biogas for on-site energy generation. 

Did you know? 

The $1.4 billion, 691-foot Winthrop Center on Federal Street in Boston is the world’s largest office building certified as “passive house,” a designation that means it’s among the world’s most energy-efficient buildings.


Beyond the Building Walls

Sustainability doesn’t stop at the property line. Forward-thinking CRE promotes shared green spaces, bike-sharing programs, and even electric vehicle charging stations. 

Customer shout-out!

Vornado’s PENN 1 in New York City has an outstanding bike score of 91 and walk score of 99!


Healthy buildings lead to happy (and productive) employees. Tenants look for CRE that offers air filtration systems that remove pollutants and allergens, fitness centers powered by recycled energy, and on-site health food markets. 


Circular Economy Champions

Leading CRE properties are embracing waste reduction through composting facilities, upcycling programs for construction materials, and even partnerships with local businesses to give discarded materials a second life. 


These are just a taste of the exciting innovations transforming the CRE landscape, and we expect even more mind-blowing ways to build and work green coming soon. 

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