Breathe Easier, Work Smarter: Why Boston’s CRE is Going Green

Boston, USA - April 28, 2015: People at Post Office Square and Skyline with Skyscrapers of downtown Boston, MA, USA.
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From towering offices to bustling retail spaces, Boston’s commercial landscape has always thrived on innovation, but now the next wave of development isn’t about reaching higher, it’s about bringing nature closer.


CRE leaders understand the crucial role our spaces play in employee well-being, productivity, and ultimately, success. Yet, many workplaces remain devoid of nature’s calming touch. However, in Boston, leading properties are rethinking the equation and recognizing the immense power of incorporating green spaces within their buildings. They know these aren’t just aesthetic flourishes; they’re investments in their people and their bottom line. Here’s why:


Rose Kennedy Greenway , Boston


Nature is a stress reliever

Studies show greenery demonstrably reduces stress and anxiety. Imagine employees taking a mindful break by a bubbling water feature or inhaling the calming scent of fresh herbs. Lower stress translates to happier, healthier employees. Exposure to nature enhances cognitive function and focus, which is why productive workplaces must incorporate nature into the workday. For example, One Financial Center has the luxury of being just steps away from the iconic Rose Kennedy Greenway. This allows tenants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the workday to take a stroll through the expansive lawns and enjoy the fresh air before returning to work.


Panoramic view of Boston cityscape at Fan Pier Park
in a sunny day, USA


Productivity blooms with greenery

Research tells us exposure to nature enhances cognitive function and focus. Imagine sharper meetings amidst vibrant foliage or brainstorming sessions fueled by the gentle hum of a rooftop garden. With over an acre of manicured lawn, plenty of seating options, and spectacular waterfront views, the Public Green at Fan Pier is located directly in front of One Marina Park Drive. With access to Wireless Internet, the public green quickly becomes an innovation hub for building employees


Shush those city noises

Urban buzz can be distracting. Integrating plants and water features creates natural sound barriers, fostering a tranquil environment conducive to deeper thinking and focused work. One particular Boston property that has creatively implemented greenery to help hush distraction is 75-125 Binney. The Clarion team has masterfully transformed two separate buildings into an urban oasis. The five-story atrium brings peace and serenity into the building by incorporating live gardens and sun-drenched terraces


Vertical green wall in modern meeting room


Let creativity blossom

Studies suggest nature boosts imagination and problem-solving skills. Imagine colleagues exchanging ideas surrounded by lush greenery, sparking innovative solutions and propelling your company forward. Boston Properties is another industry leader that believes in creating a more productive and healthier work environment. Beyond sustainability, BXP’s living walls and green roof tap into biophilic design, proven to boost creativity and spark fresh ideas in a natural setting which is evident at 800 Boylston


Boston’s future thrives on innovation and mindful growth. By embracing green spaces, we’re not just creating beautiful retreats but investing in a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. 

These top Boston properties stand as testaments to how investing in sustainability and employee well-being leads to success. By prioritizing green spaces, they’re attracting top talent, fostering innovation, and ultimately, setting a new standard for thriving work environments in the future of Boston. In a competitive market, standing out means going beyond the expected. Let’s make Boston’s buildings breathe, so our businesses can truly flourish.

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