Colleen Reichlen, Senior Experiential Marketing Manager

Inside HqO - Colleen Reichlen
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Colleen, who joined HqO in September of 2021, has recently taken a new role on the marketing team, and is now heading up the marketing efforts for the Boston market.


Tell me a little bit about your career history

Following the completion of my college education in New Hampshire (Saint Anselm College), I returned to my roots on the North Shore of Massachusetts and began working in marketing/events for a leading radio cluster in Boston. I worked in radio for several years spanning across a number of different stations from music, to sports, and then finishing at a nonprofit station. Throughout the years I was responsible for strategic listener-building efforts, increasing brand awareness, live events, and promotional efforts. In 2021 though, I was ready for a change.


How did you come to find yourself a member of the HqO team?

Two and a half years ago, I joined HqO as an Engagement Manager after a friend highly recommended the company as a fast-growing startup making waves in the CRE industry. In this role, I was responsible for shaping and expanding our client event function. My days included working with partners (internal and external) to curate and execute events that not only elevated the user experience within the app but also significantly enhanced workplace satisfaction for our clients. Events enhance the user experience through making the connection between the physical event and the digital experience within the app.


What made you want to join the team?

Although not everyone shares the same sentiment, I have always had a deep appreciation for working in an office environment where I can engage with the people and spaces around me. I believe doing so has played a vital role in my professional development by allowing me ample opportunities to learn from those around me. When I joined the HqO team, it happened to be during the height of the pandemic when remote work was prevalent. During its peak, employees reported feeling disconnected from each other, and as one of them, I craved a sense of normalcy again. While I appreciated flexibility, I felt passionate about getting actively involved in the process of rebuilding the office and redefining the value of physically entering a workspace. I saw, and still see, HqO as a catalyst for this rebound.


In your role, what are you responsible for?

My role is to spearhead the field marketing efforts that will take place within the Boston market. The all-encompassing effort invested in this project is indicative of its potential to be a game-changer for properties and offices that secure a spot on the list. In this position, I develop an annual engagement strategy to bring industry thought leaders together to discuss and iterate around the ever-changing Boston market. I partner with cross-functional team leads to drive program strategies around Boston’s Best Spaces to Work.

Additionally, I oversee the companys global event presence as well as HqOs customer events team. Im responsible for HqOs involvement in trade shows, customer-facing events, webinars, and more. On behalf of our clients, I manage onsite tenant events through collaborating with partners to design and execute high-impact customer experience initiatives.


What are you most excited about right now?

What a timely question! Last month we launched HqOs new Best Spaces to Work program – the only recognition and certification program that scores and validates end-user real estate experiences in spaces across cities. Based on REX data from tenants and their employees gathered through our proprietary Intelligence products, being on a list has proven to help retain and attract tenants and employees, and allow leaders to see how their space stacks up against the best in their city.

First up we launched the program in Boston, but other cities across the globe are following in short order. Truthfully, getting this off the ground, while it has been all-consuming, has been one of the most exciting things I have done in the last few years. This tool will be a game changer for properties and offices on the list – they will be able to actually prove how great they are, not just claim it. In a time where occupancy is at an all-time low, and rent rates are decreasing, for landlords to be able to prove their value and ROI is critical.


And to wrap up, a couple quick rapid fire questions for you:


  • Are you an early bird or a night owl? Prior to the birth of my son in 2022, I would have told you I was a night owl in a heartbeat. However, life with a 1.5-year-old doesnt quite allow for the luxury of sleeping in. Mornings have become my time to shine with my little guy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by 7 am.
  • What is your go-to productivity trick? Sometimes I just need to move! Whether it be a quick ride on my spin bike or taking our dogs for a walk outside, movement helps get my creative juices flowing.
  • If you could snap your fingers and become an expert on something, what would it be? If I could become an expert on something I would want to step up my cooking by becoming an expert chef. Currently, my husband handles all of the cooking responsibilities, so I would love to surprise him occasionally by showcasing my culinary skills by giving him a run for his money in the kitchen.
  • If you could have only three apps on your phone what would they be? Email, Starbucks, and camera. It’s challenging for me to completely disconnect from work and important messages, so I strive to stay updated on incoming communications regardless of my location. The Starbucks app is essential for me as it assists in fueling my caffeine addiction through convenient online ordering and rewarding loyalty points that keep me coming back. Lastly, my camera is an indispensable app seeing as I capture no less than 50 photos daily of our two beloved dogs and 1.5-year-old son doing literally anything.
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