How to Get on an HqO Best Spaces to Work List

HqO Best Spaces to Work
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It’s indisputable – there has been a fundamental shift in how, where, and when work happens. This has impacted tenant and employee retention in ways the industry has never experienced or thought possible. But the good news – it’s not all doom and gloom – “great spaces” are succeeding in this market evolution and continuing to drive companies and the economy forward.


Is your space “great”?

The only recognition and certification program that scores and validates end-user real estate experiences in spaces across the world, Best Spaces to Work lists are based on real estate experience data from tenants and their employees gathered through HqO’s proprietary Intelligence suite of products.


So how does your space get on a list?


1. Complete Your REX Assessment


Nominated spaces – buildings, offices, and amenities – first undergo a REX Assessment.

What is the REX Assessment?

Based on the proven methodology of Leesman, an HqO company and the industry’s most trusted workplace experience data source and benchmarking framework with insights from 1.7+ million employees and 8,000+ workplaces, this 10-minute survey quantifies end-user workstyles, preferences, and overall satisfaction within a physical space. Questions are broken out into three categories:

  • Impact: assessing the impact the workplace has on various aspects of the organization.
  • Activities: assessing how important workplace activities are to the employees and how well supported they feel when doing them.
  • Features: assessing the importance of service and physical features in the workplace and how satisfied employees are with them.


2. Get Your REX Score

Once a statistically significant number of assessments have been completed, your space will receive its REX Score. The REX Score is the quality measure of end-user experience within your space. The higher your REX Score, the more it is meeting the expectations of your end-users.


3. Rank on the REX Index

Every REX Score will be added to the REX Index (REXi), the industry’s first global real estate user experience indicator, benchmark, and tool for certifying and exploring properties through the lens of people’s experiences. Once on the REXi you can measure and compare your real estate experience against the best in the world.


4. Get on a Best Spaces to Work List!

Spaces with a REX Score that meets or exceeds the REX Index benchmark (based on data gathered from 8,000+ workplaces and 1.8+ million employees) can upgrade their package to Best Spaces to Work certify their space. Best Spaces to Work certified spaces will be promoted across HqO and media partner channels reaching over 500K+ CRE professionals and receive their “Property Page” highlighting their REX Score and experience data. Certified properties in the US are then eligible for the Commercial Observer Power Properties list, and those in the UK are eligible for the EG Power Properties list.

What if my REX Score doesn’t meet the benchmark?

The Best Spaces to Work program is rolling, meaning data is continuously gathered, so REX Scores can always improve. For those who want to take it a step further, HqO will work with customers whose space did not meet benchmark criteria to help them create and implement a REX strategy that will be sure to increase their score.

Ready to get started?

To participate, purchase the HqO Assess package here. Shortly following you will be contacted by an HqO service specialist to coordinate the deployment of the assessment at your property.

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