How to Optimize Natural Light for Healthier and Happier Boston Workspaces

Boston Common in the fall with sun shining through trees. Panoramic view of park with city skyline in the background
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With Boston’s long winters and towering buildings, natural light can be a precious commodity. Here, in the land of Dunkin’ Donuts and early sunsets, natural light can be a precious commodity. Still, according to HqO data, 62% of Boston employees reported natural light to be the 10th most important workplace feature.

In response, Boston’s most innovative CRE leaders are making an effort to optimize natural light in order to: 

Foster an Environment for Happier, Healthier Employees

Natural light exposure regulates circadian rhythms, leading to improved sleep, increased alertness, and boosted moods. This translates to a healthier workforce with higher engagement and potentially lower absenteeism.

Who’s doing it? 1 Financial Center is a perfectly oriented downtown skyscraper that offers stunning views of the Boston Harbor and The Rose Kennedy Greenway, while also flooding all 46 floors with sunlight. 


Support Enhanced Productivity

Research indicates that employees in naturally lit workspaces experience a significant increase in productivity and cognitive function. According to Leesman, 57% of employees indicated that the feature ‘Office lighting’ is important.

Who’s doing it? Winthrop Center was created in collaboration with professors from MIT in an effort to construct the world’s first Global Class A office building right here in Boston. The properties’ unique T-shaped design positions the majority of workspaces within 35 feet from floor-to-ceiling windows. 


Create Sustainable Design

Ample natural light reduces reliance on artificial lighting, lowering energy consumption and your building’s environmental footprint. This can be a major selling point for eco-conscious tenants.

Who’s doing it? 60 State Street is a modern skyscraper with a glass and steel facade, which is a design that typically incorporates large windows to maximize natural light penetration. Situated on a corner plot, the building allows for windows on multiple sides of the building, welcoming natural light from various directions. 


Attract Top Talent

Abundant natural light can elevate your building’s appeal and attract top performers seeking a healthy and energizing work environment.

Who’s doing it? Center Plaza boasts large, efficient floor plates, high ceilings, and abundant natural light. This open and airy design fosters collaboration and maximizes beautiful views. In a world of remote work options, a well-lit, inspiring workspace becomes a key differentiator.

Investing in natural light is an investment in the future of your building. By prioritizing this essential element, you create a space that not only attracts tenants but also fosters a thriving work environment that empowers them to perform at their best. The city’s forward-thinking leaders are not just offering a perk, they’re creating a strategic advantage. From boosting employee well-being and productivity to attracting top talent and promoting sustainability, natural light is a powerful tool for building a thriving workplace ecosystem. So, ditch the extra desk lamp (or maybe dim it a bit) and embrace the sunshine! By harnessing the power of natural light, Boston’s CRE industry can ensure its workspaces are not just functional, but truly inspiring.


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