HqO Helps Global Firm Transform Its Real Estate Experience

HqO and Hines
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Hines, the global real estate investment, development, and property management firm, has embarked on an ambitious digital journey to unite its property operations, amenities, and building automation technologies through a new digital ecosystem — using HqO’s REX Platform.

Centering around employee experience, Hines’ ecosystem gives users the ability to access buildings, book meetings and event spaces or desks, order food at cafes and restaurants, reserve on-site fitness classes, receive information about the building and events, and more — all through a custom instance of the platform. Taking things a step further, HqO collects and then provides the end-user sentiment and engagement data to Hines. This allows Hines to understand what activities and features matter most to the users of their spaces as they work to continue to foster real estate that cultivates a collaborative, productive culture.

HqO is the only platform built around the customer and is designed to optimize the complete end-user experience of physical space. Over the last several years there has been a rapid shift in the real estate market, which has led to a fundamental evolution in the real estate experience economy. As such, HqO is supporting its partners, like Hines, to connect people to their assets — helping them drive tenant engagement and retention.

“We’re committed to a people-centric experience and this investment takes that commitment to the next level,” said Ilene Goldfine, Chief Digital Strategy Officer at Hines. “Through the HqO Platform, we will be able to not only evaluate the performance of our amenities services, but we can also better understand tenants’ and employees’ experiences in our space in real-time. This data is critical for us to make informed decisions about the future of our buildings, amenities, and our ESG framework.”

While Hines plans to add more locations across its global portfolio, the app will launch this fall at eight buildings across five US cities.

For more information about Hines’ groundbreaking digital ecosystem, click here.


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