Real Estate Experience (REX): What You Need To Know As A Landlord

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There has been a fundamental evolution in the real estate economy as space has moved from a commodity, to a valued service, and now to a must-have experience. This is being driven by a confluence of factors, most notably the shift in the way work and life now commingle. As a result, real estate not only needs to be more flexible to meet the needs of end-users, but it also must connect with them through experience. In response, HqO has created a new market category, the Real Estate Experience (REX), putting the customer and their experiences of space at the center of this significant market transformation.


Why is REX important?

Landlords are under intense pressure. Rent growth is slow, and competition for tenants is at an all-time high. According to the National Association of Realtors, office tenants have lowered the average square footage they use per person, and 102 million additional square feet of space became available this spring compared to the spring prior. Additionally, NAR reported that the US office vacancy rate hit a record high of 13.1%. However, its important to note that high-value office space is actually experiencing a bold renaissance. In fact, while office occupancy overall remains low, theres growing demand for the highest-value office space, the kind that adds value for highperforming tenants through experience. What this shows us is that landlords need to offer tenants more than just an office, but rather an experience – one that will more than justify the cost of their investments, and support their RTO requirements.


How’s your REX?

In order to create the real estate experience that your tenants not only want, but require, you need data and insights and that is where HqOs Intelligence comes in.

HqO Intelligences suite of products provides leading sentiment and engagement analytics across the activities and features that matter most to end-users of space.

The REX Assessment, one of these products, enables landlords to quantify and understand the needs, preferences, and pain points of their tenants through a short, 10-minute survey.

The results of REX Assessments in a location are compiled into a single REX Score, the easiest way to baseline and compare the quality of employee experience from one location to another.

Speak to one of our real estate experience experts to learn more about deploying the assessment at your asset today.


Take your REX to the next level!

To create a truly engaging, industry-leading real estate experience, you need a REX strategy. A REX strategy is a comprehensive plan designed to optimize the end-user experience of real estate spaces, programming, and amenities, helping landlords connect their real estate to people. Making it less about the structures, the walls and windows, the floors and halls a real estate experience strategy focuses on the people within them and provides an actionable roadmap to improve the experience of your property.

The process of developing this plan may look a little different for every landlord, but there are critical steps you will need to consider as you embark on this journey,

Read the list here.


To learn more about how HqO can help you build an industry-leading real estate experience, speak to one of our experts today.

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