Top 10 US cities to job hunt

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One of the most notable outcomes of the pandemic was the total transformation of the job market – and in 2024 its evolution is expected to continue. In fact, 95% of workers are looking for or plan to look for a new job this year, according to Monster’s 2024 Work Watch Report

Why? Major drivers including that:

  • 98% of workers want to work remote at least some of the time, according to Forbes
  • 81% of employees say their current wage has not kept up with the rising cost of ​living, according to Monster
  • 75% of employees feel burnt out as a result of staffing shortages impacting their workloads, according to Monster

To help seekers with their job hunt, WalletHub compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 31 key indicators of job-market strength. According to them, the top 10 best U.S. cities for finding a job are:


1) Scottsdale, Arizona

2) Tampa, Florida

3)Salt Lake City, Utah


4) Columbia, Maryland


5) Austin, Texas


6) Atlanta, Georgia

7) Seattle, Washington


8) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


9) Plano, Texas


10) Boston, Massachusetts 


But where do you work once you get there? Here are some of the top properties in these top cities:


  • 24th At Camelback – Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Bank of America Plaza, 101 E Kennedy Blvd – Tampa, Florida

  • Offices at Gateway – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 6300 Merriweather – Columbia, Maryland

  • Indeed Tower – Austin, Texas

  • 100 Peachtree – Atlanta, Georgia

  • 401 Terry  – Seattle, Washington

  • FNB Financial Center – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Plano Legacy West Tower – Plano, Texas

  • 2 Harbor – Boston, Massachusetts


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