Differentiating with Data

Recorded at the CRETech Virtual Summit

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If you aren’t combining data across your suite stack, system stack, and service stack by layering in tenant satisfaction, you are already behind. Today, value has shifted toward companies that control demand through great user experience for abundant resources. This rapidly-growing “experience economy” that spurs services like Disney+ and Spotify is driven by one thing: data. 

Though many landlords are recognizing the vast opportunities that tenant data at scale presents, the industry is still far behind. Those businesses that are harnessing the power of building data will stay ahead of this industry transformation, and ultimately come out on top.  

In this talk with CEO and Co-founder Chase Garbarino and CRO Mark Rosenthal of HqO, you’ll learn everything you need to know about CRE data, and how to effectively use it to differentiate your business from a vast pool of competitors. 

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  • What successful aggregators like Netflix mean for the modernization of CRE
  • How to use data to increase tenant retention, satisfaction and productivity within your workplace environment
  • The data that landlords need to be rallying behind
  • How the HqOS Digital Grid allows for data differentiation at scale