How the Workplace Works: CRE Leadership Forum Takeaways

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On November 30, 2023, HqO welcomed 35 CRE owners, operators, occupiers, and workplace leaders from across the Northeast to a discussion about the current state of the office and the increasing importance of investing in real estate experience (REX) to succeed.

The group closely examined the market, focusing on the challenges facing both landlords and occupiers. Throughout the day, participants shared their experiences and the strategies theyve tried and tested as theyve worked to navigate the ever-evolving workplace landscape.

While discussions covered several different topics ranging from amenity usage to measuring success, the conversation always seemed to come back to one common theme that occupiers and landlords must work together to meet the needs of employees and property end-users to increase employee and tenant retention.

This report highlights the top five takeaways from the forum. Read more to learn about where CRE has been, is now, and is going in the future.