Proptech is an Owner’s Best Friend Webinar

Commercial Observer’s 2nd Annual Innovators Forum

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As part of Commercial Observer’s 2nd Annual Innovators Forum, Mark Rosenthal, CRO at HqO, participated on a panel to discuss the importance of proptech in a modern landscape.

From touchless experiences to social distancing aids and tenant communications tools, proptech leaders are stepping in to supplement office plans. But will investments and financing for proptech pick back up as we see a greater return to the office? In this panel, we cover:

  • How technology plays a role in return to workplace strategies
  • Thinking about a building’s software vs. hardware
  • How the real estate technology investment landscape has changed
  • Which technological advances will have the biggest impact on commercial real estate (CRE)

And much, much more! Watch now to discover which services will be sewn into the new fabric of asset management and CRE dealmaking.