What is Tenant Experience?

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Simply owning and leasing a physical space is not enough for the commercial real estate industry anymore. Focusing on tenant engagement and providing the best and most convenient experience on a daily basis is more important than ever, and the importance of this focus only grows as workplaces continue to adapt to the new normal.

Though the industry is rapidly shifting and adopting new building technologies, many are still unsure of what modern-day tenant experience (TeX) entails. In this eBook, weve broken tenant experience down into distinct areas of focus and detailed necessary elements of success for a cohesive modern-day tenant experience strategy.

In this eBook, youll find critical information surrounding:

  • Why TeX is critical to commercial real estate
  • Key elements of a successful TeX strategy
  • The role of tenant experience in reopening offices
  • Why TeX is essential in the age of COVID-19 and beyond

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