Connected Workplace Webinar

How properties are engaging the workforce in 2022

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In order for property teams and tenant companies alike to support the workforce in 2022, they will need to invest in the right tools and solutions that can bridge the gap between the physical and digital workplaces as well as remain flexible enough to support tenants and employees no matter where they work.

A recent TravelPerk survey states that 76% of respondents confirmed their companies shifted to a hybrid working model in 2021. However, in the same survey, 63% of respondents claimed that their companies did not make any significant changes to their workplaces to adapt to this new way of working.

In this webinar, well discuss:

  • How properties are maintaining relevancy to support the hybrid workforce
  • What property teams are doing to transform the workplace to support hybrid workers
  • The impact of employee sentiment and engagement data on workplace standards in 2022
  • Why workplace experience technology is key to people-first strategies in the workplace.

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