Office Reconfigured: How Experience is Impacting the Physical Workplace of Tomorrow


Recorded on August 18, 2021

As an office owner or operator in todays world, going digital is only half the battle.

While digital solutions have emerged as the solution to supporting hybrid workforces, the importance of physical space remains. If you want people to return to the office, you need to reimagine the workplace.

Join us as we sit down with Peter Knutson, Chief Strategy Officer at Architecture Plus Information, and Jonathan Merin, Corporate and Commercial Studio Lead at SMMA, to discuss:

  • The challenges companies are having with return to office strategies
  • How tenant experience is fueling changes to the physical office
  • How CRE teams can optimize their properties to be more collaborative and exciting
  • Ways that architecture and interior design are being implemented NOW in cities like New York and Boston to reshape the future of the workplace

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