The Hybrid Workplace: Flexible Strategies that Engage Tenants, Employees, and the Community


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Recorded on September 29, 2021

Weve all seen and heard the terms hybrid and flex space, but what exactly do they mean? Each company has its own unique take on flexible workspaces, from the coworking models introduced to us by WeWork, to fully tech-enabled spaces controlled by our smartphones.

No matter how you look at it, these environments are driven by a single truth: the hybrid workplace is what modern tenants want. And to meet their demands, office buildings need to be more than a location that produces work. Join us as we sit down with Christa Hinckley, Director of Full Service Leasing at Columbia, and Brian Brown, Vice President of Business Development at Essensys to discuss:

  • The rise of hospitality experiences in the commercial real estate industry
  • How hospitality relates directly to hybrid, flex space, and return to office strategies
  • The impact these trends have on lease lengths and space usage
  • The ways some visionaries are investing in flexible office space now to support tenants and their employees now and into the future
  • Technologys role in the hybrid office of tomorrow