Turning Tenant Data Into Insights and Action


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Recorded on April 15, 2021

There are many hypotheses on the changes both long and short-term happening in the real estate industry. What will not change are the fundamentals of the industry; occupancy rates and tenant retention will still be essential to the financial performance of office assets. The ability to adapt asset strategies based on changes in tenant behavior and tenant sentiment is paramount for any ownership or property team looking to ensure the long-term value of their assets.

Collecting actionable data is critical to developing this understanding of tenant sentiment. Owners and operators who effectively deploy technology to collect, store, and learn from tenant data will separate themselves from the pack and accelerate leasing cycles, improve tenant retention, and optimize operational efficiency within their portfolio.

Our analytics offering, the Digital Grid, is making data-driven decision-making possible, and in this webinar, we will discuss how this data translates into value for commercial office owners and operators.

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  • Why commercial office owners and operators are prioritizing data & analytics tools today
  • The latest Digital Grid data dashboards on the people, spaces, and experiences at your property
  • How to leverage these analytics dashboards to improve retention, accelerate leasing, and inform CapEx decisions (and more!)