HqO and Curbside Kitchen Partnership Provides Contactless Food Solutions for CRE

HqO and Curbside Kitchen Partnership Provides Contactless Food Solutions for CRE

Mobile Offerings Curate Cuisine, Community, and Convenience for Tenants

BOSTON November 9, 2020  HqO, the end-to-end tenant experience operating system for commercial office buildings, has partnered with Curbside Kitchen, a company that has reimagined the food truck experience for employees adapting to the “new normal.” Through the HqO app, Curbside Kitchen will provide tenants with a contactless solution for ordering fresh and delectable food. As companies develop their back-to-workplace strategies, access to affordable, reliable, and safe amenities for tenants has become critical to the success of the tenant experience.

“With so much uncertainty surrounding the return to the workplace, our clients are looking at ways to leverage mobile offerings to supplement their on-site amenities,” said Reid Snyder, Director of Platform Solutions at HqO. “Partners like Curbside Kitchen allow property teams to easily book food trucks for their buildings, accessing more diverse food options for their tenants.” 

Through their easy-to-use app, Curbside Kitchen’s food truck management platform allows building owners to offer full breakfast, lunch, or dinner services to their tenants. The all-in-one platform provides building managers with tools for scheduling food trucks, circulating menus with tenants, entering orders, marketing their customized programs directly to the individual users in their buildings, and feedback loops on how trucks are performing at properties. Though there’s no replacing the tried-and-true appeal of tenants walking up to their favorite food truck and waiting for their lunch or dinner to come out ready to eat, COVID-19 has changed many rituals we’ve all grown accustomed to — including the way your tenants want to order and receive their food.

“Curbside Kitchen is an essential part of the back-to-workplace strategy for commercial building owners,” said Amy Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of Curbside Kitchen. “Being part of HqO’s suite of offerings is an incredible opportunity to provide more options for the tenants in the commercial buildings that they serve. COVID-19 has changed the way people eat at home and at their workplace. The world was not prepared for the volume of delivery, and we believe that Curbside Kitchen can play a vital role today and in the future. Our integration with HqO will facilitate contactless ordering that provides tenants the ability to order and dine on delicious and diverse cuisine, all from the comfort of their desk.” 

Curbside Kitchen is a valued partner in HqO’s Marketplace, which allows customers to browse, procure, and manage a curated catalogue of best-in-class developers and vendors that can add value to their portfolio. From one single tool, customers can navigate the proptech landscape and identify partners that fit their specific needs. HqO customers are now able to save time procuring service providers, accelerate innovation within their existing technology stack, and deliver better tenant outcomes.


About Curbside Kitchen

Curbside Kitchen launched in 2018 as a solution between the increasing demands of tenants for food amenities and the need for property owners to provide food trucks in urban and suburban markets. The company developed an easy-to-use technology platform that connects building owners, leasing agents and property managers with food trucks and other mobile lunch options. Since launching in 2018, Curbside Kitchen has expanded to work with universities, corporations and cultural events that want to curate culinary experiences for their communities. Curbside Kitchen serves 12,000 tenants a month, working with 200 commercial and residential properties and 500 trucks, in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Raleigh-Durham.

For more information about Curbside Kitchen’s services,, visitcurbsidekitchen.com and stay connected with Curbside Kitchen on social: Facebook, Twitter @curbsidekitchn, Instagram and Linkedin.

About HqO 

For owners and operators of commercial real estate, HqO is an integrated tenant experience platform and strategy solution that strengthens relationships with current and prospective tenants, unlocking business value for owners while bringing property management, marketing, and leasing teams closer to their customers.

For tenants, HqO is an award-winning tenant experience mobile app — connecting employees to the communities in and around their building and empowering them with tools to control their workday. 

HqO is headquartered in Boston, with offices in New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. To learn more about HqO and request a software demo for your properties, visit www.hqo.co, and follow HqO on Twitter @HqOapp.