HqO Launches Suite of Contactless Features to Facilitate Return to Work

HqOS operating system allows seamless integration and management of tech-enabled touchless services

BOSTON, June 17, 2020HqO, the tenant experience platform for commercial office buildings, announced today a suite of contactless features that will allow for a safe, tech-enabled return to work. Through HqOs operating system, HqOS, landlords will be able to empower their tenants through touchless access control, seamless guest registration, enhanced health screening, electronic document management, services booking, resources booking, work order requests, property management tools, food ordering, and payment.

In the return to work, employee health and safety are top priorities for landlords, said Chase Garbarino, CEO of HqO. HqOs array of features dramatically improve the experience of tenants by providing technology that allows them to feel safe to return, while providing valuable insights, all in one solution.

HqOs contactless suite includes:

Touchless access control so that employees can enter buildings without ever having to touch a turnstile. Partners include Openpath (featuring Wave to Unlock capability pre-built into HqO), HID, and Proxy, which allow for a wide range of contactless access options.

Seamless guest registration so that visitors can complete a health screening checklist, check-in, and access the building without physical sign-in. Partners include Soloinsight, Proxyclick, and Traction Guest.

Enhanced health screening so that landlords can ensure safety for their employees. Leveraging the integrations built between Openpath for access control and Proxyclick, as well as Traction Guest and Soloinsight for health screening, property managers can configure the system to control access automatically based on screening results.

Electronic document management that eliminates the need for manual signing of waiver forms. HqOs native technology incorporates this functionality to create a streamlined experience for tenants.

Services booking to facilitate contactless booking and payment of on-site appointments or classes such as fitness classes or bike servicing. Partners include MindBody, Fitspot, LISA App, and HqOs native technology.

Resources booking that enables tenants to reserve space such as conference rooms, and allows buildings to monitor usage in real-time. HqOs native technology allows tenants to view a schedule and request a booking. Building teams can set space availability, tenant booking permissions, and approve requests.

Work order requests and property management tools enabled through the mobile app to streamline operations and minimize in-person communication. Partners include Angus Systems, a worldwide leader in work order management and resolution.

Food ordering and payment so employees can order through the tenant app from on and off-site restaurants. Partners include Ritual, Minnow, and HqOs native technology, allowing contactless ordering, payment, pickup and/or delivery.

HqOs focus on user experience is what separates them from the rest, says James Segil, President of Openpath. They create a seamless mobile experience by embedding our mobile credential into their app, so that the tenant needs only download one app to experience all these great capabilities. Contactless access is a must-have capability for any buildings return-to-work plan, and Openpath is proud to partner with HqO to enable this safety feature for both tenants and visitors.

About HqO

For owners and operators of commercial real estate, HqO is an integrated tenant experience platform and strategy solution that strengthens relationships with current and prospective tenants, unlocking business value for owners while bringing property management, marketing, and leasing teams closer to their customers.

For tenants, HqO is an award-winning tenant experience mobile app connecting employees to the communities in and around their building and empowering them with tools to control their workday.

HqO is headquartered in Boston, with offices in New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. To learn more about HqO and request a software demo for your properties, visit www.hqo.co, and follow HqO on Twitter @HqOapp.