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Leasing Solutions

Modern challenges demand modern solutions. In today’s digital era, landlords and property teams need to differentiate their assets by using tenant experience technology to create and share exceptional workplace experiences. Having a fully customized, whitelabeled Tenant Experience Platform — one that is designed to match your company’s look and feel — ensures that your brand is associated with the world-class experiences you’ve created. It also allows you to use insightful tenant data to identify and procure good-fit prospective tenants for your building.

Art of the Tour

Enhance the ‘art of the tour’ with technology

You spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to showcase your assets to prospective tenants, based on the specific needs of your building communities and the amenity investments you’ve made. With our Tenant Experience Platform, you can make the building tour even more memorable by seamlessly swiping into the building with your phone, ordering a coffee for your client when they arrive, or highlighting on-site events and programming. Whatever the unique experiences and amenities may be at your property, your fully-branded tenant app will leave a lasting impression.

Differentiate your assets through data collection

HqOS™ Analytics helps teams leverage tenant data to make informed leasing decisions. Now, you can identify good-fit tenants through tenant behavior and demographic data gathered from your building(s). Furthermore, you can establish credibility with prospective tenants through engagement data — by revealing which building offerings and features your existing tenants enjoy, you can showcase your ability to listen to and provide for every tenant’s needs.

Leasing Analytics
Leasing analytics - tenants

Leverage tenant data to inform your retention strategy

The HqOS Analytics dashboards provide insight into tenant engagement and sentiment so you can make more strategic decisions. To prioritize your tenant relations activities and manage your time, you can sort tenants by rentable square footage as well as lease expiration dates to uncover churn risks among key tenants. You can then drill into at-risk tenants that are not engaging with your tenant experience initiatives to see how they use your property. This provides insight into what a particular tenant cares about, and what changes you can make to your building, amenities, or programming to improve tenant retention.

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