Create exceptional tenant experiences

Attract workers to your buildings and differentiate your assets.

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HqOS™ helps commercial office owners provide a fully customizable, branded experience to their tenants. The first layer of HqOS, the Tenant Experience Platform, functions as a universal remote control for your property by centralizing tenant experience initiatives, property experiences, and building technologies into one application. Now, office owners can deliver a rich workplace environment and foster connections with their tenants, no matter where they work.

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HqOS tenant app and marketplace

Elevate physical amenities with digital experiences

With HqO, you can implement innovative asset strategies that:

  • Create an experience tailored to your tenant base
  • Leverage the HqOS Marketplace to deploy best-in-class partners
  • Inform your tenant retention strategies through data-driven decision making

Use data to inform your tenant retention strategy

Using the HqOS Digital Grid, you can leverage our data and analytics offerings to your competitive advantage:

  • Collect tenant feedback and engagement data to test your building investments, such as amenities and programming
  • Find tenants who are a good fit for your building based on tenant behavior and demographic data
  • Improve the overall tenant experience by providing tenants with what they really seek from a modern workplace
Data on Tenant Retention
Art of the Tour

Modernize the ‘art of the tour’

You spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to showcase your assets to prospective tenants, based on the specific needs of your building communities and the amenity investments you’ve made. Deliver property tours that stand out by incorporating our Tenant Experience Platform into leasing tours to differentiate your assets:

  • Seamlessly swipe into the building with your phone
  • Leverage built-in app features such as order head for your clients when they arrive
  • Highlight unique on-site events and programming

“HqO has been a tremendous partner as we continue to energize the Willis Tower neighborhood and create a world-class office workplace environment. […] HqO is a valued partner, helping us improve our customer’s experience, and I look forward to continuing a long relationship together.”

– David Moore, Senior Vice President, EQ Office

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