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Leverage employee sentiment data.

Retain your employees and create a sense of belonging by providing a workplace employees want to be a part of. Invest in a truly frictionless experience, where employees can control their workplace all from a single app in the palm of their hand.

Optimize Your eNPS

Enable employees to voice their opinion about the quality and importance of all workplace tools and services through convenient ongoing surveys and learn what resources are most popular by tracking real-time usage data. You can use these insights to continually improve the workplace experience and effectiveness, for example, by replacing less popular services with more highly rated ones.

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Share the Company Love

Reach employees with relevant content and event promotion through audience targeting and learn which initiatives get the most employee engagement. Combine audience targeting with our push notification tools to build out your company culture - both for employees working on-site and remotely - so they can build a better connection with their employer and colleagues.

Keep Pace with Evolving Needs

Enable flexible workplace environments that support a modern, hybrid workforce. Through extensive resource booking capabilities, you will be able to transform your office into a seamless and collaborative workplace that supports everyone, every day.

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"In order to remain competitive in this market, you're going to have to have some kind of technology in your building. Especially after the pandemic. These features are all going to be amenities that prospective tenants will expect when touring a building. That's going to be the new way of everything."

Alesia Sanganoo
Tenant Engagement Manager


Boost workplace value and stand out from the competition.