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Support the needs of a flexible, hybrid workforce.

The HqO Workplace Experience App is a complete solution for reserving and managing flexible workplaces. Together, we can create exceptional experiences for every member of your building community.

Establish Seamless, Tech-Enabled Work Environments

Tenants and their employees will enjoy seamless digital capabilities for access control, work orders, content, and service booking, all in one easy-to-use app. You will empower individuals and teams to use the spaces throughout your property that best suit their hybrid work needs.

Seamless, tech-enabled work environments
Reserve space

Increase Your Competitive Offerings

Give back to tenants by creating flexible membership plans and credit-based booking. Control who uses shared resource spaces and the price range, while managing memberships and invoices, allocating monetary booking credits, and creating robust booking rules that vary per tenant or tenant company.


With HqO, you can streamline the hybrid workplace experience for your tenants across resource booking, access, content, and more within a single app. You can also utilize and customize pricing, membership levels, credits, and short-term leasing tools.

Resource Booking

Resource Booking

Streamline meeting room processes and charge for rooms based on type, time, and length of booking. All bookings are contactless through the HqO app.

Contract Management

Contract Management

Send proposals to potential customers, allow them to preview details of a future contract, and let them sign contracts or documents with our Digital Signature feature.



Automate renewal reminders and invoices, collect payments automatically every time a new invoice is created, and manage invoices and discount codes with ease.

Flex Memberships


Create new revenue streams by offering different memberships and product types such as short-term space leasing, coworking, dedicated desks, and meeting room reservations.

Flex Credits


Allow members and contacts to make bookings. You can add money credit to a plan or directly to someone's account, depending on access levels and spending limits by company or role.

Access Control

Access Control

Reduce touchpoints, keep track of occupancy levels, and run more efficiently by allowing your members to enter your space while limiting contact, with our leading mobile access partners and integrations.

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"We're focused on providing flexible public spaces that can be booked for meetings, used as lounge space, or used as ad-hoc meeting space when it's not reserved [...] It's designed with great technology that they can use for free, so that they don't have to worry about that expense."

Pat Rippe
Managing Director of Portfolio Optimization


Boost workplace value and stand out from the competition.