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Create memorable workplace experiences.

Property teams can now customize tenant engagement initiatives, workplace experiences, and building technologies in one place. Together, these capabilities deliver a rich work environment and foster connections with tenants and their employees.

Differentiate Your Assets

Implement innovative asset strategies that will set your properties apart. Using the HqO Data & Analytics dashboards, you can use real-time tenant engagement and feedback data to inform your workplace investments and stand out from your competition.

Differentiate your assets
Establish property brand identity

Drive ROI Through Your Brand

Create awareness for your brand through personalized and memorable workplace experiences. Your whitelabeled Workplace Experience App can offer events and programming that speak to your unique community, encouraging people to come into the office and helping your customers get ROI from your investments.

Tour Your Property the Right Way

Modernize your property tours with branded technology experiences. Leverage the HqO Workplace Experience App on leasing tours to seamlessly swipe into your property, highlight unique on-site events, and even order your clients a coffee for their trip home.

Tour office property
attraction and retention

Keep Pace with Evolving Needs

Enable flexible workplace environments that support a modern, hybrid workforce. Through extensive resource booking capabilities, you will be able to transform your property into a seamless and collaborative workplace that supports everyone, every day.

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"In order to remain competitive in this market, you're going to have to have some kind of technology in your building. Especially after the pandemic. These features are all going to be amenities that prospective tenants will expect when touring a building. That's going to be the new way of everything."

Alesia Sanganoo
Tenant Engagement Manager


Boost workplace value and stand out from the competition.