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FOR LANDLORDS Smart Buildings

Create a workplace of the future.

Implement smart building solutions throughout your entire workplace. From retrofitting old buildings to opening new ones, you can optimize building performance and deliver a competitive workplace experience.


Implement Contactless Experiences

Provide safe, secure, and frictionless building entry with contactless mobile access and visitor management capabilities for tenants, employees, and guests.

Contactless building features
smart buildings booking

Streamline Workplace Solutions

Streamline and automate processes to make tenants' and employees' daily routines easier. Our built-in and integrated solutions empower individuals to easily book shared spaces like conference rooms or on-site event spaces, customize booking windows, and more. Save your team time by reducing unnecessary follow-up calls and emails.

Faster Fixes

Make sure that property management teams and building engineers know about building issues in less time with work orders. Authorized tenants or employees can submit work orders from their mobile phones so that engineers can fix issues faster like broken pipes, hot/cold HVAC issues, and more.

Smart building work orders

"One of our key priorities going into 2020 was implementing the new set of technology tools available today to the benefit of our tenants. Our focus on digitization has remained steadfast and has proved even more necessary throughout this tumultuous year. Our work with HqO is a critical part of being able to provide a consistent, user-friendly experience to our tenants while building out more integrated features and functionality on the backend."

Chad Phillips
Managing Director and Global Head of Office

In The Marketplace

Easily configure best-in-class integrations within your workplace experience app to ensure a simple and seamless workplace experience.


Boost workplace value and stand out from the competition.