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Take the 'work' out of going to work

Provide engaging experiences that help employees do their best work and build stronger connections with your organization — all while optimizing your real estate investments.


Use insights to power productivity & community

Make the most of your investments by understanding tools and service utilization as well as employee sentiment. Use Intelligence to determine the building amenities and perks that employees value most, and to identify which ones have the lowest engagement. Monitor desk and conference room reservations and mobile access data so you can understand patterns and optimize your office resources and overall footprint.

XM — endless possibilities

Give your employees a "remote control" to access both physical and digital resources. XM gives users the opportunity to manage their real estate experience and discover other resources they can benefit from. Employees will be more efficient and productive, thanks to integration options with your back-end systems. You'll work smarter too by managing the application and the collected data from a single admin console – no coding required.

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Collage of various employees at work: talking to each other, working on laptops

Boost employee engagement

XM helps employees make the best use of their time and get work done. It provides easy access to all of the on-site and digital resources employees need to do their jobs — whether they're in the office or working remotely. Your employees can plan their day by taking advantage of capacity-level insights, workplace commuting options, and desk, conference room, and parking space reservations. Additionally, they can order food and book on-site services such as dry cleaning and manicures, allowing them to simplify their day and access outside conveniences directly from the workplace.

Retain talent and create a community

Create a sense of belonging by providing a workplace employees want to be a part of. Invest in a truly frictionless experience that mirrors the consumer apps they use in their personal lives — with online desk and conference room reservations, visitor registration, and mobile access — all from a single app in the palm of their hand. Additionally, enhance employees' mental and physical wellbeing by letting them book local wellness services, like massage treatments or fitness classes, so they can be more mindful at work.

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Engage Your Employees

With HqO's XM, you can deliver personalized content and programming to your employees. Choose the capabilities that best meet your needs.

Access Control

Allow employees to gain access to your offices with just a tap of their phone.

Transportation & Parking

Connect employees with the best commuting options including rapid transit, parking, and more.

Food Ordering & Retail

Partner with restaurants and convenience providers to integrate with their P.O.S. systems.

Service Booking

Make it easy for employees to book services, fitness classes, and more.

Work Orders

Let employees create service requests or ask for help for other workplace-related questions.

Resource Booking

Enable employees to discover and reserve conference rooms, event spaces, and more.

Speak to an expert

Evaluate your real estate experience with one of our experts, and get access to data and insights that can help you elevate it!