The modern office runs on mobile ordering

Learn how order ahead and other retail capabilities can facilitate commerce and enhance your office’s value.

Mobile Ordering Solutions

Reduce friction for tenants and support local businesses with app-based order-ahead features for food and beverage, simple pay solutions, detailed neighborhood restaurant guides, and easy (contactless) food delivery.

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In-App Food Ordering

Drive traffic to local restaurants and retailers

HqO’s built-in food and retail ordering solutions can reduce friction for your tenants by connecting them directly with on-site or local retailers. Through our app, you can:

  • Create custom deals and content to drive more foot traffic to your retailers and delight your tenants
  • View dashboards with your tenants’ total order ahead spend and which tenants spend the most
  • Track retailer performance by total revenue and number of orders

Meet our food ordering and retail providers

Integrate with existing point-of-sale (POS) systems to support local businesses and delight your tenants with app-based order-ahead features. Additionally, leverage our Merchant Solutions teams to quickly and seamlessly add new retailers to your building’s tenant app, including:

  • Toast
  • SpeedETab
  • Sweetgreen
  • Revel
  • Ritual
Mobile Ordering Partners

Bring healthy and diverse food options to your office community.