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Workplace Experience Manager Jobs

Over the last few years, weve witnessed a rapid increase in the number of Workplace Experience Managers.

But what is a Workplace Experience Manager?

Its an important question, and because the position is relatively new, it might be hard for some workplace decision makers to explain what a workplace experience manager does.

Thats why were taking a closer look at workplace experience jobs, Workplace Experience Manager jobs, and Workplace Experience Manager responsibilities. If youre completely new to workplace experience, you should consider downloading our Introduction to Workplace Experience guide, as well our Investing in a New Role for the Workforce mini-guide, which has an in-depth feature on Workplace Experience Managers.

An individual Workplace Experience Manager job description can vary significantly depending on the company. But, in general, a workplace experience manager is someone who works to deepen workplace connections to improve business outcomes. Take this Workplace Manager job description from CBRE, for example, which says that a Workplace Experience Manager: Interprets and communicates goals and direction with management, sets achievable goals that are linked to the objectives of the organization.

At that organization, Workplace Experience Manager CBRE is an important role, which directly impacts the successes of the organization. It can be hard to generalize, but this is the case at the vast majority of companies and firms; Workplace Experience Managers are usually seen as essential partners, whose work directly contributes to the success of their organization.

For employers, Workplace Experience Managers have very specific roles and functions. They are focused on achieving the following three goals for their company:

  1. Elevating workplace experiences
  2. Attracting and retaining talent
  3. Optimizing workplace spend

Traditionally, workplace experiences and investments have been managed on the landlord and property team level. In those scenarios, facilities management would work with building owners to improve amenities, such as on-site fitness centers, and differentiate the workplace.

The impacts of the Great Resignation, however, have accelerated the need to prioritize these workplace elements on an individual employee level. In todays talent market, it is easier than ever for employees to quit jobs and seek other employment that provides better accommodation (such as flexibility and hybrid work), compensation and benefits, and alignment with workplace culture and purpose.


Employee Experience Jobs

If youre already curious about Workplace Experience Manager jobs, you might also be aware of other positions with similar titles. Employee engagement jobs and employee experience jobs, for example, are similar to many workplace experience positions. Titles for these positions can differ wildly depending on where theyre based, but Employee Experience Specialist and Employee Experience Manager are two of the more popular employee experience job titles. Like Workplace Experience Manager positions, Employee Engagement Manager jobs are currently in high demand.

Employee engagement/experience jobs are similar to workplace experience jobs in that both positions are devoted to improving employee satisfaction, performance, and recruitment/retention. Take a look at this except from a recent Employee Experience Manager job description, for example: This role will focus on creating a memorable, positive employee experience at all phases of the employee lifecycle to promote recruitment, retention and satisfaction.

This language is similar to the kind of wording that you might find in a job description for a workplace experience manager, which indicates that the basic goals of an employee experience professional are usually similar (if not identical!) to the basic goals of a workplace experience professional. Often, the difference between the two is mostly semantic.

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Workplace Experience Coordinator Jobs

Workplace Experience Coordinator is another popular workplace experience job title. Like other similar positions, Workplace Experience Coordinator jobs are currently in high demand with large corporations and commercial real estate landlords, who want to keep workers happy and engaged as they return to the office.

The average Workplace Experience Coordinator job description tends to be similar to most Workplace Experience Manager job descriptions, the key difference being that Workplace Experience Coordinators are typically less senior than Managers, and therefore tend to have less responsibility. A Workplace Experience Coordinator salary may also be lower than a Managers salary. Workplace Experience Coordinator CBRE, for example, has an average salary of ~$48,000 a year, while a Workplace Experience Manager at CBRE makes an average of ~$73,000 per year (this is according to Glassdooryou can also go to their site to find a CBRE Workplace Experience Coordinator job description).

That said, Workplace Experience Coordinator salaries and job descriptions can fluctuate depending on the demands of a particular position. As a result, Workplace Experience Coordinator salary CBRE might not be the same as Workplace Experience Coordinator salary Duolingo. Before applying for one of these positions, its important to research the salary. You can also prepare for submitting an application by finding a Workplace Experience Coordinator resume online.

Workplace Experience Manager Salaries

If youre looking to hire a Workplace Experience Manager, its important to understand the range of salary expectations that candidates are likely to have. The same is true for Workplace Experience Manager job seekers, who need to understand the market rate for someone in their position before negotiating a salary.

Its not always easy to say what a Workplace Experience Manager salary should be; the salary expectations of a candidate with just a few years of experience are likely to be considerably less, for example, than the salary expectations of a candidate with many years of experience. But there is a generally accepted ballpark for an average Employee Experience Manager salary. Glassdoor, for example, says that the national (USA) average Workplace Manager salary is roughly $48,000.

At the same time, average salary numbers tend to fluctuate wildly based on the company and the location of the position. Workplace Experience Manager salary San Francisco is, for example, higher than salaries in other less expensive areas. Workplace Experience Manager salary CBRE also tends to be higher than other similar positions, simply because of the prominence and prestige of the company. Regardless, an average Workplace Experience Manager salary tends to be higher than an average Office Manager salary, according to Glassdoor.

Applying for Workplace Experience Jobs

Wondering what you should put in your Workplace Experience Manager resume? Or, if youre hiring a Workplace Experience Manager, are you wondering what you should be looking for in an ideal candidate?

In either casewhether youre a prospective employer or a prospective employeeyou might find information on the subject relatively hard to come by. Much of the absence of relevant information has to do with the age of the position itself; because workplace experience is a relatively new field, its not always easy to define hiring best practices. Many Workplace Experience Managers have experience as HR leaders or Office Managers, but others bring experience from completely different areas of professional life.

Thats why its helpful to do meaningful research when youre preparing to apply for (or hire!) one of these positions. If youre a job seeker, you might consider looking at an Adobe Experience Manager resume online, for example. Its also important to have a clearly defined workforce management resume objective. Other good resources for job seekers include Indeed, or CBRE careers. If youre an employer looking to hire a Workplace Experience Manager or Coordinator, its important to evaluate candidates holistically. You should also remember that employee experience jobs remote is a popular demand for todays job seekers.

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