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A better commute and secure entry into the office.

Hybrid work has made it easier than ever for tenants and employees to choose remote work, so how can you encourage people to use the office? Providing more enjoyable, convenient ways to travel can earn back their commute. You can start with offering solid transportation options, parking reservations, and a seamless way to enter the building. Get rid of physical key cards and empower tenants and employees through modern access and visitor management solutions.

Building Access, Right from Your Phone

Provide tenants and employees with a safe and contactless entry experience for your building, office, or space. They can use a digital key in their Apple or Google Wallet, or simply use the HqO Workplace Experience App to gain access with just a tap or swipe of a phone. We even integrate with the most popular access control technologies so you can continue to use your existing systems.

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Make Guests Feel at Home

Enable your employees and tenants to pre-register their visitors through the HqO Workplace Experience App to provide a secure and timely guest experience. Your workplace teams will always know who is coming and going so they can give guests a frictionless office experience.

Earn Back the Commute

Delight tenants and employees when they travel to and from the office by alleviating frustrations with the commute. HqO partners with technology providers and partners that cover every mode of transportation, supporting tenants and employees as they travel to and from the office with public transport, shuttles, or micro-mobility options.

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Remove Parking Roadblocks

Traditionally, parking spots were often solely reserved for executives. Now, usage of parking spots has decreased while many employees and tenants are unhappy with their public transportation options. Using the HqO Workplace Experience App, every employee or tenant can reserve a parking spot in advance. This removes friction from the workday and lowers the barrier for tenants and employees to commute to the office.

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"HqO empowers landlords and owners to create really customized, really engaging tenant experiences through data and technology. Our partnership ensures that tenants have the information they need to make informed decisions about their commute to and from the property. Together, we've been able to help landlords and owners extend the ability to delight and engage their tenants beyond the four walls of the office."

Alicia Karr
Vice President of Product Marketing

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Workplace Solutions for Access & Security

The HqO Workplace Experience Platform provides your workplace teams, tenants, and employees with a commuter and building experience that removes barriers to return to the office.

  • Access Control & Visitor Management
  • Transportation & Parking

Integrate with the Systems You Already Use

The HqO Workplace Experience Platform offers integrations with the best technology providers for access, visitor management, and transportation in the market.

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