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Space & Maintenance Floor Plans

Visual and frictionless resource booking with floor plans

Enable employees to book resources on a convenient floor plan view. Employees can easily see which resources are available and where they are located, ultimately saving them time navigating to these resources.

Help Employees Book the Right Resources

Enable employees to search for and book a desk or meeting room that best matches their needs, every single time. Instead of picking resources at random, employees can see available resources that are located in the most convenient location for them and their colleagues. This increases productivity and helps everyone work more efficiently.

Collage of people in a meeting room and room booking software
Collage of employees walking through office with floor plan

Easier Navigation

With a floor plan view of all resources, employees can easily navigate to their reserved room or desk. Employees working in large buildings, newly onboarded people, and employees visiting other offices will save time navigating to the right resource.

Collage of employees walking through office with floor plan
Lincoln Property Company

"We leverage our app for more than managing the visitors [...] You can go on there, see building updates, schedule appointments, check cleaning schedules, view when locker rooms are open - everything. That level of communication and transparency with our customers is a key driver of the work we do."

Alesia Sanganoo
Tenant Engagement Manager

The award-winning The District property team

The BOMA award-winning team of The District in Burlington, MA

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