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As revealed in the State of Workplace Experience 2023 is the year to move on real estate experience strategy.

Through the Real Estate Experience Readiness Assessment, our experts will evaluate your current strategy and tech stack and equip you with concrete recommendations for elevating real estate experience at your organization. We realize not every organization is ready to invest in real estate experience, so HqO's Readiness Assessment will meet you where you are and provide insights at any stage of your journey.

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Get ready to build thriving workplaces

A better workplace experience can lead to 21% greater profitability and 17% higher productivity.Facing a year of potential economic uncertainty, companies can better arm themselves to optimize the hybrid experience for employees while insulating themselves by building stronger and better-connected workplaces.

Thorough discovery, assessment, and planning are the keys to a successful workplace experience strategy. HqOs free Readiness Assessment is a four-step methodology that results in a deliverable of a custom strategy for enhancing your workplace experience.

How we create your Real Estate Experience Readiness Assessment

A HqO Real Estate Experience Readiness Assessment covers four main areas, which consist of working with our experts to:

Map the employee journey

What are your real estate experience goals and associated business outcomes? What are the day-in-the-life experiences that make or break an employees time in the workplace?

Assess existing workplace technology stack

What systems and technology do you currently use? What risks, gaps, or opportunities exist?

Create a data dictionary for existing workplace & experience metrics

What data are you gathering, how often, and how are you using it? What data are you missing?

Outline a better real estate experience

Finish with a deliverable that outlines the present state of your real estate experience with concrete recommendations for improvements

Be ahead of the curve with a Real Estate Experience Readiness Assessment from HqO.

Get started in under 2 minutes by filling out a quick survey.

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