Apple Wallet Touchless Entry Underscores the Need for Workplace Experience Solutions

Apple Wallet Touchless Entry and Workplace Experience Solutions | HqO
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In today’s fast-moving and ever-changing market, mobile access and flexibility are paramount when selecting a workplace experience provider, particularly when it comes to touchless entry. Tenants and employees are no longer using physical keycards to access their buildings and they have come to expect convenient contactless entry. Much like how we all now rely on mobile boarding passes when flying, fast, easy digital access is the expectation for those who are vetting and utilizing workplace experience solutions

When you’re considering a technology provider, mobile access vetting goes beyond what’s available today. It’s important that you look to those workplace solutions that have strong relationships with companies and providers who are redeveloping and reshaping how mobile access looks. 

Apple Wallet integration is a perfect example. Silverstein Properties recently made news when the company announced it was swapping traditional employees badges for building access via Apple Wallet. The move allows employees in its buildings – including at the World Trade Center in New York – to access office buildings, tenant floors, amenity spaces, and fitness centers via a quick tap of their iPhone or Apple Watch. 

This also applies to flex space, as one company could lease space at the World Trade Center on Monday and Tuesday, and another company can lease that same space for the rest of the week. In this instance, both could maintain contactless office access through Apple Wallet. This has been in the works for at least a year – maybe even a year and a half – and it’s just now being debuted at The World Trade Center. 

It’s exciting to think about what this means for our customers and their tenants. But with all things Apple, price is always a premium; this could be a downside for smaller companies looking to add a great value add for their tenants through Apple Wallet mobile access. 

It’s important to remember that while this news underscores the importance of touchless access and flexibility, it’s not a new feature for HqO. In fact, it’s an extension of what HqO already provides its customers. We support our customers with touchless access through their phones, seamlessly and easily integrating with the most popular access control systems so customers can continue using their existing systems. 

We also offer enhanced access options through integrations with trusted partners in the space, recently making substantial improvements to our existing integrations both in terms of their availability and their reliability. HqO customers can easily – and confidently – consolidate their building access on a user’s device, providing a great workplace experience while maintaining increased safety and security for the building. 

We’re always working with these partners and providers — like Kastle Systems and HID Mobile Access, both leading proptech managed security providers — to ensure our customers’ experience is always seamless and safe. Kastle and HID are at the forefront of what’s to come in mobile access, which means our customers will always have the best, most reliable, and most convenient access options in the market. 

There are so many factors when choosing workplace experience providers, but contactless access options are certainly growing in popularity. As you’re vetting a vendor, remember that having deep relationships with mobile access providers and their sophisticated practices is more important than ever, because of the vast complexity in the market. Select a workplace experience platform that’s always thinking about what’s next – those that have solid relationships with technologies who are working on the next big step in mobile access and the future of the workplace.

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