High-Performing Companies Need High-Performing Workplaces: The State of Workplace Experience in 2023

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In 2022, the world adjusted to new ways of working, and many companies experimented with new and exciting technologies to optimize the workplace. In 2023, as the state of the market continues to evolve, new trends will undoubtedly start to emerge, but the latest data tells us that many employees are dissatisfied with their workplace environments and are resistant to return to the office, despite more and more companies demanding it.

As a result, we expect to see strong investments in workplace technology continue into 2023 and beyond. Deloittes 2023 CRE Outlook Survey finds, for example, that 48% of commercial real estate (CRE) CFOs will look to increase their spending on technology in the coming year. Deloitte also found that 17% of CFOs will look to increase that spending by at least 5%.

As industry leaders consider adding workplace experience technology as part of their increased technology investment, theyll have to make sure that theyre choosing the right technology to meet their business needs, especially in todays challenging economic climate. Thats why were publishing an extensive new collection of employee sentiment data in our State of Workplace Experience in 2023 report.

The data in the State of Workplace Experience report comes from two proprietary sources: industry researchers at Gartner, and employee experience researchers at Leesman, an HqO company. The Gartner insights originate both from Gartners qualitative analysis of the workplace experience marketplace, and from its rigorous survey of roughly 200 industry researchers, commercial real estate CFOs, and industry finance leaders. The Leesman data results from roughly 300,000 responses to Leesmans surveys of office workers. By comparing these two datasets, well give you and other industry leaders an exclusive look at how workplace experience has evolved over the past year, what trends will emerge in 2023, and what real estate and employee experience leaders need to do to stay ahead in this ever-changing landscape.

When times change, we learn more about ourselves and what we truly value. Thats one of the reasons why were continuing to both see and help companies make smart investments in workplace experience. By strengthening the social infrastructure of our workplacesand, ultimately, the social infrastructure of the cities that support themwe help bring people closer together, and right now, thats exactly what people want and need.


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