#AskHqO: Advice for the Hybrid Workplace

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The more employees return to the office, the more the workplace thrives. In our latest social campaign called #AskHqO, we gathered thoughts and opinions from our very own HqO employees about returning to a physical workspace. We went ahead and asked them, “What are the top things to remember when returning to the office?” Responses ranged from silly tips to insightful and necessary advice. Employers should make sure to take note, since fostering a good workplace experience is so critical in times like today.

“Be respectful of others and their space.”

Research shows that the pandemic pushed companies and consumers to rapidly adopt new behaviors that are likely to stick. While this advice from an employee seems like a no-brainer, it’s something that is important to remember. This is because since the onset of the pandemic, many employees are still wary of going into the office everyday. 

Moreover, as return to office plans became more prominent, many workers were left to navigate COVID-19 safety measures on their own. Some have negotiated remote or hybrid work arrangements. Some have even left their companies in search of workplaces that let them work from home full-time or make them feel safer. If you’re following a hybrid workplace model, it’s important that you promote this idea, remain empathetic to employees’ needs,  and instill the right safety protocols so that employees always feel comfortable in the office. 

“Start working out because there’s always good food.”

Employees have always preferred having the flexibility of working from anywhere. Having a flexible work-life balance and engaging company culture is a top priority to any employee. So what can employers do to create a great employee experience? The answer, in short, is workplace experience. Employers have to make the physical workplace somewhere employees actually want to be, making the return to work seamless and even exciting. This can include an improved office space with abundant food and beverage options, as well as fun events and programming to keep people coming back for more.

Tech-enabled food and beverage programs that can carry out individual ordering and consolidated delivery of individually packaged meals provide the best opportunity to offer safe and exciting food options. Employees want to be able to enter the office and be guaranteed easy accessibility to their favorite foods. It is becoming more than an incentive to get employees back into the office, but a new standard. And, it creates a bridge that can bring your entire workplace community together while having a hand in creating a positive company culture at the same time.

“Remember to take care of your mental health.”

After the challenges employees and employers alike have faced these past few years, this period represents a fundamental turning point for workplace mental health. Burnout is real, and it’s important for employers to help prevent it from happening and change the conversation around mental health in the workplace

They can do this by ensuring employees easy access to resources and services, and positively promoting why they should actively seek out these resources — even if they are not currently experiencing mental health challenges. The goal is to give employees solutions for potential anxiety and stressors that are common in the workplace. 

With the rise of hybrid work models, the physical workplace needs to be transformed into a place where employees are productive and most importantly, happy. Employees need a built environment where they can benefit from anywhere they are. Fortunately, these capabilities can be elevated and enhanced through the implementation of workplace technology, such as HqO’s Workplace Experience Platform.

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