Create a Meaningful & Curated First Impression for Your Tenants With The HqO Tenant Experience Platform

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With an updated mobile app experience in HqO, comes a modernized and user-friendly version of the HqO web application for admins!

The people who know tenant employees best are the property teams themselves. That’s why we have released a redesigned administrative experience that puts more control in the property teams’ hands. With this update, property teams gain more control in how their content is presented to tenant employees. Previously, the admin panel allowed the creation of posts, deals, and events which were presented in list form within the mobile app. Now, new tools allow for a curated approach to sharing content within the mobile application.

Creating Headers:

Content Management-1

Today, we’re excited to make it even easier for administrators from the property team to brand and customize their tenant experience app. Within admin, it is now possible to customize the top banner for the mobile app homepage. Additionally, admins can customize labels for homepage section headers. Also new is the ability to group posts, deals, and events within the same section of the homepage.

To begin, admins select the “Create New Header” button and can create 4 headers for their home screen that best describes the amenities offered, such as food or fitness. This will make it easier for tenants to find relevant information to satisfy their needs.

Curated Experience:

Content Management

As explained earlier, the homepage now supports up to 4 section headers. Under each header, admins can decide which 4 pieces of content are most important to display under the corresponding header by dragging them into positions 1 through 4. Additional posts will be displayed and found in the mobile application within the Discover tab.

Header sections and individual content can be moved by using the drag and drop feature shown below. Whether the admin wants the most popular content first or the best deal it is now possible to group posts, events, and deals all within the same section.

To see a live demo of these features please schedule a demo and get ready to experience the future of tenant experience:


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