Let’s Go Show Recap: Creating Workplaces That Work

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The nature of work has changed dramatically in recent months. Though every organization is taking a unique approach to the new hybrid landscape, there are still many conflicting opinions around remote work. Some employees say they are more productive, while others note working much longer hours. 

Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that flexibility will dominate the future of the office. In this episode of The Let’s Go Show, we turn to workplace expert Peter Knutson, Chief Strategy Officer at leading design firm Architecture Plus Information. 

Peter and Chase continue the conversation we started in our webinar a few weeks ago, where we discussed how experience is changing physical office spaces through their architecture and technology stacks. In this episode, Peter explained the ways his team has been thinking about experience design in order to help their clients navigate the uncertainty around what would bring most value to modern tenants. 

Peter’s firm focuses on building spaces that mirror their clients’ cultures and are supportive of the employees using their space. His team, Peter explained, aims to create alignment between leadership, space, and employees in order to produce results that are evident in the very physicality of a workspace. There is true value-add when, as Peter said, people go into the space and they feel what the culture is and they feel connected to that culture.” 

When it comes to weaving technology into these physical spaces, A + I keeps a connected and open mindset. Chase and Peter both see future offices as having seamless, near-invisible technological enhancements that employees don’t even have to think about. But how can companies prepare for this vision? 


Rising to the challenge, Peter explained that his team looks at a space and its technology concurrently. Technological development cannot happen in a vacuum: “any space we create that is a space for the engagement of more than one person has to be technologically considered at the same time,” he asserted. This forward-thinking approach is already being applied by leading companies looking to create truly seamless and modernized workplaces. 

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Chase Garbarino, CEO and Co-Founder at HqO, the only end-to-end operating system for commercial office buildings.


As Chief Strategy Officer, Peter Knutson drives Architecture + Information’s narrative led, research based, and client focused strategic services.

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