Employee Experience: Spring Trends and Happenings

Employee Experience: Spring Trends and Happenings | HqO
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Spring Fever is here and good luck trying to get around it. With the shiny and warm spring days at your doorstep, remote work is starting to feel confined and offices are welcoming employees back to their spaces with open arms. Since hybrid work models are on the rise, employers are trying to determine the return to office strategies that best support their employees’ preferences. 

As many employees prepare to transition back to the physical office, at least partially, business leaders are focused on how they can effectively communicate, plan, and attract employees through a positive employee experience. CBRE’s US Office Occupier Sentiment Survey covers this change and reports that “80% of respondents plan to provide some level of guidance to employees as they return to the office.” It will be important for companies to lay the groundwork for employees as office policies continue to evolve.

Turning to Technology

Focusing on employee satisfaction, virtual approaches have been developed as reactionary tactics. Hybridity has been brought forth to the center of the conversation. In fact, hybrid workplace methods have ushered us into a new era for company culture and the workplace. 

Corporate leaders have realized that hybrid working has streamlined their businesses as a result of the model. Because of this, it is important that workplaces are making the transition back to the office as seamless as possible. And, to ensure the right conditions are set in place to sustain and achieve the hybrid work model, they will require the right technology.

According to CBRE, corporate real estate executives will begin to “lean into technology to drive more consumer-oriented experiences for employees, increase use of sophisticated mix presence collaborative tools, and test new environments.” 

Since the user experience in office buildings has become a number one priority, companies are relying on tech to create unique experiences in their office spaces. Some examples include mobile access, enhanced video software, employee experience apps, and even smart building sensors. Achieving digital equality for virtual and in-room employees will serve as an integral part of operations within companies functioning on a hybrid schedule.

Employees work differently than they used to. The productivity from working from home and in-office will require secure and responsive workplace platforms that will allow employees to do both.

Workplace Experience

One of the most important factors of a good workplace experience is the physical surroundings in which employees do their work. CBRE has found that one way companies are getting employees back into the office is through “curating events or other workplace experiences to encourage a return to the office.” HR teams are utilizing tools to create workplace experiences that retain and engage team members and provide a positive work experience, be it through event planning or digital programming initiatives. 

This goes to show that the trend of the office becoming more employee-oriented is not going anywhere. After employees have worked remotely for so long, a lot of changes will have to be made to in-person work spaces. The workplace has to have the right atmosphere for collaboration, productivity, and social experiences that will enable employees to feel motivated.

As we begin to see offices reopen, social gatherings will inevitably take place. Positive workplace experiences that include social office events such as happy hours, luncheons, or even onboarding processes and mentorship are bound to succeed in the long-term. Practices like this  help promote employee engagement, while supporting overall employee happiness and productivity. Making sure engaged employees are satisfied and eager to get back into the workplace will become a main focus for employers. 

While workplace trends continue to emerge, companies will have to prioritize employee satisfaction, experience, and happiness as more employees are encouraged to go back to the office.

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