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Harvard researcher Jacob Morgan found that companies that invested heavily in their employees’ cultural, technological, and physical environments were four times more profitable and generated two times more revenue than the average company.

Additionally, employee engagement strategies are necessary to retain talent, as well as cut down on hidden costs. A recent Gallup report reveals the following monetary consequences:

  • Companies with higher employee engagement experience 81% less absenteeism.
  • The lost productivity of an actively disengaged employee is equal to 18% of their annual salary. This means a company of 10,000 employees with an average salary of $50,000 each will lose $60.3 million a year.
  • Replacing workers requires one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary. So, it costs $9,000 a year to keep each disengaged worker and between $25,000 and $100,000 to replace them.

Few environments have the potential to impact employees’ well-being and productivity like the workplace. Now is the time to not only rethink the future of the office, but to shape it. To achieve this goal, employers need to budget for workplace experience initiatives and feel confident that they’re selecting the right provider. 

HqO’s ability to meet and adapt to evolving employer needs is unparalleled. In fact, the HqO platform can help enhance your employee experience in five crucial ways: unifying experiences, supporting hybrid employees, leveraging the most integrations, and collecting valuable insights.

Unifying Experiences

HqO can integrate both new and existing workplace tools – such as visitor management, mobile access, room and desk booking, and mobility solutions – into one experience for every employee and visitor. This gives everyone a sense of control over their workplace through a convenient, all-in-one app. It also increases awareness and usage of existing tools and services, introduces employees to new resources as they arrive, and decreases waste from the onboarding and training processes.

Supporting Hybrid Employees

With HqO, employers will have unique content and programming accessible from anywhere, at home or in the office. Additionally, HqO’s comprehensive capability set is much more than a space planning module – the app encompasses the tasks that employees do on a daily basis to make their lives easier. This provides convenience inside and outside of the workplace, as well as saves time, increases productivity, and engages and retains talent.

Leveraging the Most Integrations

HqO has the most integrated Workplace Experience Platform in the market, with the most important integrations available out-of-the-box. These include capabilities for access control, visitor management, facility maintenance and service requests, mobility and parking, wellness and fitness, and resource booking. We ensure a fast and efficient implementation time, and you can keep using the same integrations you already like from a single, easy-to-use app. All employee-facing technology is also available in our app, which unifies the end-user experience and minimizes dependency on large vendors.

Collecting Valuable Insights

Finally, we provide a single source of truth for office data and employee feedback by providing comprehensive data analytics capabilities. These include space access data, space usage data, and employee satisfaction data. This way, all of your data is available in a single dashboard to help you make better informed workplace decisions.

Want to learn more about how HqO’s technology can enhance the employee experience? Download our latest industry guide, Investing in Employee Experience.

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