In 2023, Make the Workplace Work for Everyone

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Soon after the start of the pandemic, some analysts predicted that the sudden growth of remote work would eventually eliminate the need for in-person positions. But now, just a few years after March 2020, new data shows that remote work is actually becoming less and less common.

According to the Washington Post, for example, only 15% of jobs posted to LinkedIn in December 2022 were listed as remote. Thats way down from March of the same year, when 21% of jobs posted to the site were advertised as remote-only. Well-known companies like Snap, meanwhile, are requiring their employees to return to the office in greater numbers, on a more regular schedule. These and other reports as well as data from the worlds leading researchers suggest that companies around the globe will continue to pivot away from remote work over the course of the coming year.

But, as workplace experience leaders already know, its not enough to simply get workers back in the office. To keep productivity and satisfaction high, leaders in the experience space need to offer their employees tools that can bridge the gap between the digital and physical workplaces.

Ditching the one-size-fits all approach

Before the pandemic, most employees commuted to an office every single day. That level of consistency meant that most workers often had a set of needs that were both relatively predictable, and somewhat uniform. But now, as hybrid work continues to grow in popularity, most employees arent working from the same physical location on a daily basis, which means that those employees now have drastically different needs and preferences when it comes to work and the workplace.

Thats why workplace experience leaders can no longer get by on a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead of offering experiences and support services that only cater to one kind of employee, todays workplace decision-makers need to give their employees access to technology that enables them to personalize their workplace experience from their preferred working location.

And thats where HqO comes in.

Technology to boost connectivity, productivity, and satisfaction

In 2022, hybrid work is everywherebut that doesnt mean that its working for everyone.

In fact, survey data from Leesman (an HqO company) shows that many of todays workers are dissatisfied with their workplace environments. Leesmans Quarter Two 2022 survey found that:

  • ~38% of surveyed workers do not believe that their office space creates an enjoyable work environment
  • ~38% do not believe that their office space contributes to a sense of community at work

This presents a serious problem for todays employers, who need to do all they can to attract and retain top talent in a labor market that continues to be challenging despite the current uncertain economic outlook. In order to boost employee satisfaction and retention, employers need to engage with the workplace and company culture at an even deeper level. HqO makes this possible by delivering improvements in each of the following areas.

Who’s In

The HqO App allows your employees to understand which of their colleagues are working from the office on a given day just by checking their phones. This allows workers to coordinate and plan their days in advance. It also removes friction from the workplace experience by simplifying common day-to-day tasks.

Food Ordering and Retail

Ordering lunch? HqO lets your employees skip the line by ordering ahead through the HqO App, which saves time and removes friction from the workday. It also helps you make your workplace a more appealing destination for employees.

Events, Communication, and Content

Research from MIT indicates that stronger workplace connections help enhance productivity and collaboration. HqO helps you strengthen workplace relationships and company cultures by hosting novel events and programming on an ongoing basis. The app also delivers targeted custom-made content and in-app digital programming that allows you to engage specific groups within your broader workforce.

Feedback and Communication

Wondering how your employees feel about their work and/or workplaces? With the HqO app, you can send free-standing sentiment polls that help you to take the pulse of your employees. You can also use the apps micro-feedback polling to get up-to-the-minute input on upcoming programs and generate added feedback about different elements of the workplace experience.


Give your employees a straightforward in-app experience that drives engagement with your on-site wellness offerings. Employees can use the HqO App to access gym waivers; view wellness center hours and schedules; obtain discounted health and wellness perks; register and attend online or on-site wellness/fitness classes, and much more.

Workplace Services

Enhance the workplace experience by offering unique services that make your employees’ lives easier, which makes it easier for them to focus on work (not distracting errands). HqO helps you give your workplace a competitive edge by supporting needs that go beyond the typical 9 to 5. This includes support for workplace services like dry cleaning, manicures, and car cleaning, among many other services. Make the workplace a destination by expanding the reach of important premium amenities.


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