How to Hire a Workplace Experience Manager

How to Hire a Workplace Experience Manager | HqO
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Looking to hire a Workplace Experience Manager? Youre in the right place (ifyoure an office landlord, click here to learn more about hiring a Tenant Experience Manager).

Hybrid work is here to stay. This means that the ways your employees and your office function will change. With this in mind, its important that you have a clear understanding of how your workplace is being used. With this knowledge, you can help ensure that the employee experience is productive, efficient, happy, and safe.

Technology-enabled workplace environments offer clarity into such building usage, resulting in boosted energy, satisfaction, and cost-efficiency. They also provide employees with the tools, resources, and services they need and want to more effectively perform their jobs. Plus, they enable teams and individuals to remain connected and collaborative in hybrid working schedules, whether they are working from the office or from home.

Maintaining a tech-enabled workplace, however, requires oversight and attention to ensure that your building is running optimally, and that your employees are engaged. To adopt a holistic approach to these duties, many companies are hiring office managers that specialize in creating engaging experiences.

What is a Workplace Experience Manager?

In the search for its new Workplace Experience Manager, British household appliance manufacturer Dyson states that it is seeking an individual who is responsible for creating memorable experiences at every touchpoint along the work journey that foster a vibrant office environment, support creativity and innovation, and a workspace environment that is complimented with suitable design and functionality as well as facility lead services.

The role of a Workplace Experience Manager blends HR, office administrator, and facilities management responsibilities to form a bridge between employee and workspace. This is key for talent attraction and retention employees, after all, are increasingly demanding flexibility, convenience, and attractiveness from their day-to-day routines. It also drives cost and employee efficiency, ESG initiatives, and overall engagement.

The right person in this role, according to Dyson, will also provide guidance on how to develop the [office] environment and increase creativity, productivity and well-being, and connect operational needs with service deliveries to implement the workplace strategy.

With a Workplace Experience Manager, tech-enabled organizations will just like their employees function more efficiently and effectively, with higher levels of engagement, productivity, and happiness.

Writing a Workplace Experience Manager Job Description

To find a skilled Workplace Experience Manager, you will need to tailor a job description to your own organization taking inspiration from companies like Dyson (and blogs like these). Well help you get started with a brief example of what a job posting for this position could look like:

We are seeking a talented Workplace Experience Manager. You will focus on fostering employee engagement and ensuring a productive, efficient, and positive workplace experience for employees who work from home and those who choose the office. This means that the right candidate will successfully bridge the gap between the digital workplace and physical workplaces. They will also bridge the gap between HR and facilities management, working to create inclusive and impactful initiatives for all office staff and employees, as well as develop strategies that will improve overall workplace experience.


  • Develop strategy and budget for workplace experience initiatives, including events, services, and communications
  • Track success of such initiatives
  • Organize office operations and procedures
  • Oversee building usage based on specific engagement objectives and report on ROI
  • Collect and analyze employee feedback to improve the workplace experience
  • Stay up-to-date with workplace experience software and workplace experience platforms and look ahead to foresee upcoming trends and market shifts


  • 3-5 years experience in an HR- or facilities management-oriented role
  • Superior customer experience and management skills
  • A background in events management or hospitality
  • Familiarity with budget development and management
  • A strategic, data-driven mindset, with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ready to work in a fast-paced, continuously evolving environment
  • Analytical, and multitasking skills
  • BS degree in hospitality management, HR, or related field

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