How to Use Data Analytics for Workplace Leasing

How to Use Data Analytics for Workplace Leasing
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Data-driven decision-making in the workplace can help businesses weather uncertainty and increase profitability under a variety of different market conditions. In the face of a constantly changing global market, hunch-based decision-making carries a huge and significant risk.

More than ever, landlords need to optimize the outcome of corporate real estate transactions and investments long term.

According to JLL, Without data to point them in the right direction, landlords and property teams may feel like theyre flying blind. Real-time information is required if theyre expected to know whether your organization is positioned to quickly make lease changes to accommodate a growing workforce. If landlords want to be at a competitive advantage,its important to Know how your building or office population is responding to programs and services so you can make changes in real time.

Turning to Data

According to the State of Workplace Experience report, a majority of landlords are currently looking to use data analytics for workplace from a building app to better tailor their business decisions, which shows that the current market is rapidly moving towards greater integrations and the use of more meaningful data.

Access to real-time as opposed to annual data on tenant preferences and behaviors is a hugely valuable tool that can directly boost NOI for CRE companies. Data is important to understand tenants and what they want. By gathering and analyzing more meaningful data on the tenant experience, landlords can have the opportunity to act on any discrepancies that may exist between usage and sentiment.

Workplace Experience Technology

In order to better understand the benefits of measuring tenant sentiment and usage, it can help to understand the specific workplace data that CRE companies and property teams need to access in order to track these big-picture values. With a workplace experience app, HqO Data & Analytics provides real-time visibility into property engagement, tenant and employee satisfaction, space utilization, and building populations.

Landlords can use HqOs platform and workplace analytics to Gain real-time satisfaction levels for office buildings or office space based on which amenities are most important to tenants and employees, how teams are doing in delivering those expectations, and how tenant and employee sentiment is changing over time.

And, landlords can see how spaces are being utilized by seeing a comprehensive overview of space offerings and tracking usage of physical and digital amenities in real-time. More than ever, it’s important to understand tenant and employee satisfaction on an ongoing basis so you can learn about your customers and make improvements in those areas.

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