How to Use Property Management Software for Tenant Engagement

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The future of work has changed, and for the foreseeable future, tenants will continue to adopt hybrid work models. The shift towards hybrid work has led employers to introduce new workplace technologies to address specific needs of employees, such as new engagement tactics and productivity tools. This includes specific functionalities like flexible desk and room booking, digital programming, and direct communication.

More than ever, landlords and property teams are using tenant communication apps to improve the overall workplace experience. HqO, a technology company that specializes in workplace environments and workplace experience, has launched at countless properties all around the world. Partnering with landlords and property teams has helped to promote more positive work environments, while also showing tenant appreciation.



Bruntwood employees

The use of too many office apps can garner confusion and lead to a poor user experience. With various tools at an employees disposal, it can get confusing and employees end up spending too much time trying to find them. The solution to this problem is to offer tenants a platform that can consolidate these services into one easy-to-use interface.

With this in mind, we launched the HqO app across 21 Bruntwood buildings and campuses in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Birmingham, England. After listening to customer feedback, the Bruntwood team wanted to create a one-stop shop for making the most of their buildings.

Now, all app users will have access to their own building environment, complete with capabilities to browse and book meeting rooms, view and RSVP to events across all Bruntwood buildings, order food and drink from local retailers, and use a community forum to connect all Bruntwood customers and give them access to exclusive perks and deals.


Parkwood Crossing

Parkwood Crossing

Technology needs to be tailored to the unique preferences of employees. Thus, tools and environments that can be reserved, scheduled, and engaged through mobile devices are so important for commercial properties. Some functionalities that are so important are service requests, events and volunteering updates, and mobile notifications.

HqO recently launched at Parkwood Crossing, a Rubenstein Partners property in Indianapolis, IN. The Parkwood Crossing app gives tenants access to all the propertys amenities and services, including an on-site fitness center, conference room bookings, and order ahead from the Labor District Cafe. Tenants will also receive notifications about office space and building information, as well as activities such as its most recent smoothie bike event.

The launch event promoted employee experience and garnered a ton of tenant engagement.


Douglas Center

Douglas Center

Engaging events are important tools to encourage employees to return to physical office spaces. A good workplace experience strategy should incorporate ongoing in-person and digital programming. Events and content provide an additional incentive for employees to use the app on an ongoing basis.

HqO launched at HPI Real Estates Douglas Center in Dallas, Texas. Working in collaboration with HqO Marketplace partner Hello Alfred, the Douglas Center team had a great time bringing tenants together with engaging activities and a donut wall. The event was a huge success, and created a ton of excitement about the new building app.


Harbor Group International

Harbor Group International

As landlords look for ways to entice tenants and their employees back to return to the office, it is important to connect tenants to their local communities.

HqO launched at Harbor Group Internationals 51 West 52nd Street property in Manhattan, New York. The event was co-hosted with our partner HUNGRY Food Solutions, whose mission is to donate one meal for every two meals purchased to local food banks. Altogether, we made it possible for 400 meals to be donated to help fight hunger.

This event promoted the new building app, as well as the buildings local partnership with HUNGRY Food Solutions.




According to Planning Your Next Investment, experiences create the newest, and perhaps the most meaningful, economic offerings. These occur when a business uses both services and goods to engage an individual in a memorable way over time.

HqO launched at Hines Workstation property on the west side of Paris, France, in La D矇fense.

In order to promote a better tenant experience, the event involved a Convivial stand with free breakfast, coffee, and tea to welcome tenants. And, multiple service providers in the hospitality, fitness, and food industries; a green strategy with flyers printed on recycled paper; and plenty of quizzes and games hosted through the app where tenants could win prizes such as an electric scooter, backpack, and more.

It was a major success, and a significant number of tenants signed up for the app.


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