Property Management Software and the “Experience War”

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The future of the workplace is changing. As we move forward into the contemporary workplace, office environments must be positioned to provide best-in-class employee experiences. This is because the physical workplace has become an important part of an employee’s work day, even among a hybrid workforce. Business leaders are now catering to the happiness of their employees by bringing in abundant food options, health and wellness amenities, and improved office spaces. In short: company cultures are rapidly shifting to a people-first mentality.

Shifting Employee Priorities

According to Jacob Bates, Head of Flex by JLL, employers can create a place where people feel a sense of belonging, while also driving increased productivity by improving office experiences. Traditional offices are now embracing a human experience that is physically and digitally connected. However, 66% of corporate employers say that the general lack of awareness of available tools and services is a very significant or significant hindrance to successful hybrid work environments. 

Employers should take note: The Great Resignation, which is still ongoing today, shows that employees are willing to place their personal values and preferences above physical office space — and are even quitting their jobs in pursuit of work environments that better support their needs. Thus, traditional offices that lack proper support for hybrid employees need to learn how to adopt technology in a way that fosters a more human, community-like feel for the office.. 

Many companies are fearful of this sentiment about eroding culture that could increase turnover, and are investing in the proper technology and tools in order to meet employee demands and keep employees engaged. More than ever, companies are competing to attract the best talent and more importantly, create the best workplace experience. Selecting a robust end-to-end workplace experience technology provider is the most tried and true way to achieve these goals. 

The “Experience War”

It’s important to note that workplace experience is not only beneficial for employers, but also for landlords and property teams. After all, employee demands impact tenant decisions, which in turn impact a property’s occupancy. Because of this, landlords and property owners are seeking experience over amenities in what can be referred to as the “Experience War.” 

To achieve people-first workplaces, both landlords and employers are making investments into new real estate management softwares that now focus on employee experience, engagement, wellness, and services. Older property types can essentially be transformed with the help of technology and the quality of services that can be offered to hybrid work employees. After all, tenants and employees want to feel comfortable in the office — just as they did while working remotely.

In fact, landlords are very aware of technology’s role in their tenants’ and employees’ day-to-day lives. In the next two years, most landlords expect tenant demand for technology to increase significantly. This means that there will be an increase in demand for useful apps that present services, engagement opportunities, flexible spaces, and meaningful workplace analytics. 

However, what if companies and real estate professionals refuse to make this shift? The answer is they risk falling behind competitors and losing tenant demand. Employees want quality, and the quality they seek is experience. As inflation increases and rent skyrockets, tenants will look for quality spaces that give access to better tenant experiences. 

It’s an easy move for tenants to abandon their current building in favor of buildings that offer modern amenities. Landlords can prevent this by considering a workplace experience app. In order to grow your business, the right investments in the people and technology are crucial. The more value you add to your employees and tenants, the more value they will bring to the business.

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