Technology’s Role in the Tenant Engagement Journey

Technology and the Tenant Engagement Journey | HqO
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The secret to enhancing tenant engagement in the workplace is making sure your property’s physical infrastructure and technology stack work together in unison. HqO’s Engagement Experts have identified three stages of the tenant engagement journey that are both customizable and critical to creating successful workplace experiences: technology activation, engagement, and loyalty. Each stage incorporates a variety of memorable experiences that keep tenants and their employees hooked from the moment they leave their houses, to the moment they step into the office, and throughout their entire day.

The Tenant Engagement Journey


First impressions mean everything. When implementing new technology (such as a building app or workplace experience platform), it’s important to create awareness and encourage tenants to interact with their mobile workplace tool through exciting and awe-inspiring first experiences. Some simple, yet high-value, experiences might include:

  • Fun giveaways, perks, and rewards
  • Tenant company contests
  • Referral programs
  • On-site signage and email communications
  • Seamless and easy product user experiences
  • Quick customer and technology support
  • Educational tools such as new user tutorials and tips and tricks

When effectively deployed, these tactics establish early-stage retention, encourage high-value product actions, and educate tenants and their employees on the best aspects of their property and workplace technology.


Property teams can build a long lasting relationship with their tenants by entertaining, educating, and fostering a sense of community through technology to enhance the overall workplace experience. This can be achieved with any combination of branded content and experiences, such as:

  • Leveraging a unique programming calendar that speaks to the needs of tenants and their employees
  • Hosting on-site experiences and pop-ups
  • Running routine programs that create anticipation and enable tenant planning
  • Scheduling important notifications that are segmented to the users who need to see them
  • Automating notifications to make experiences like order ahead and visitor management easy and efficient

These tactics drive regular feature usage and discovery to ensure that your building app becomes a daily utility — and not just an unused investment.

Building Loyalty

Property teams can also increase tenant interaction with their property by keeping their community informed and asking for feedback to guide future tenant experience planning. To add even more value, they can offer utility experiences that provide convenience and keep tenants coming back to the app regularly. Experiences in this category might include:

  • Exclusive building information and updates
  • Mobile access and resource booking capabilities
  • Membership programming
  • Loyalty and rewards programming
  • Community networking groups
  • Tenant surveys that establish a meaningful feedback loop

When you have a highly engaged building population, you will have highly satisfied tenants and employees. These brand ambassadors can help inform enhancements to your strategies throughout every stage of the process.

A Thoughtful Future

Having thoughtful strategies around the various stages of the tenant engagement process will cater to each individual’s specific needs, and ensure that tenants and their employees have good reason to return to the workplace — and, better yet, are excited to do so. In the long run, this will increase NOI and make sure your property remains desirable to tenants. 

Technology enablement is important for the workplace, and should be incorporated into your existing tenant engagement plans wherever possible. Want to learn more about enhancing your tenant engagement strategies? Download our latest guide, Engaging the Workplace, today.

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