The Let’s Go Show Recap: The State of Property Management with Rubenstein’s Kayte Singleton

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Commercial property managers have fast-paced, dynamic roles. Now, as tenants and their employees require more flexibility in where and how they work, the role of property management is evolving. 

This week on The Let’s Go Show, we got an inside look at what it’s like to manage 25 Kent, a Rubenstein Partners property in Brooklyn, NY.  Our CEO Chase is joined by Associate Property Manager Kayte Singleton to discuss not only NYC-specific trends, but broader shifts happening in the property management field. Here’s a look at what they discussed in the latest episode. 

1. Location, Location, Location

Kayte noted that easy access to transportation is high on the priority list for employees, and thus, property teams. Walkability to nearby  transportation in cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco is especially critical. The experience of getting to work is just as important as being at work. 

2. Health and Wellness 

In the past few months, health and wellness have been top of mind for a lot of people, and Katye has seen demand for fitness offerings, professional and personal development, mental health resources, and more. 

3. Green Space

Kayte has also seen an increase in demand for spaces that are highly flexible and amenitized, but not in the way you might expect. Workspaces with on-site roof decks or outdoor areas are increasingly popular, as well as those that are near large parks or greenery. 

Chase and Kayte touch on a few more property management trends throughout the episode, as they reveal the hospitality-driven approach that most commercial properties are taking. As Kayte poignantly said: “Our role is really to support employers and help create these meaningful workplaces.” 

To read more about this transformation, check out our Q&A series Conversations, where our clients often describe planning tenant events, leasing properties, and direct communication and engagement tactics as part of their jobs. 

To learn more about the current state of property management in commercial real estate listen to The Let’s Go Show’s latest episode. 

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On Today’s Episode

Chase Garbarino, CEO and Co-Founder at HqO, the only end-to-end operating system for commercial office buildings.

With a decade of residential real estate experience in CT, Kayte Singleton is currently an Associate Property Manager for Rubenstein Partners at 25 Kent and the Brooklyn, NY area. 

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