Using Workplace Experience to Make a Community Impact

Using Workplace Experience to Make a Community Impact
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A few years ago, COVID-19 uprooted millions of people out of the physical office and into new, remote or hybrid work environments. However, the pandemic did not only affect the lives of corporate employers and employees, but it also posed countless challenges for nonprofit organizations.

Many nonprofits rely on in-person volunteers, which made it especially difficult when the pandemic hit. However, this did not stop Building Impacts determination and efforts. The organization found new and innovative ways to help corporations volunteer virtually. Since 2020, Building Impact has organized and staged volunteering projects for socially minded corporate teams in partnership with nonprofits around the country. Currently, it has amassed over $4.1 million in donations and volunteer time from 25,700-plus volunteers from 400 companies.


The Impact of Volunteer Efforts

Many studies have shown that volunteer programs actually boost productivity, increase employee engagement, and improve hiring and retention. By partnering with volunteer organizations, business leaders can not only make a social impact, but they can also promote a better company culture. Organizational action towards making a positive impact act as both a driver of talent attraction and retention (especially among younger employees).

HqO is determined to bring people together by building technology that strengthens social infrastructure in the communities that we serve while fostering a better employee experience at the same time. Which is why during a time when COVID-19 almost brought volunteering to a stop, HqO partnered with Building Impact. Our employee and tenant engagement app is now being used at some of the largest property management companies to promote philanthropic efforts and positively impact local communities.

By using the workplace experience app, employers could partner with Building Impact and invite their companies to volunteer. HqO also did this throughout the pandemic, by rounding up 715 volunteers in 2022 for several of the nonprofit’s virtual projects. Some of these projects included assembling stress-relief kits for survivors of domestic violence, veteran welcome bags, networking events with Year Up students, blood drives, and meal kits for families.


HqOs Impact

According to Building Impact, the impact of HqO volunteer efforts for 2021 were:

  • 7,330 total lives impacted
  • $38,974 total contributions to the community $20,310 value in donated goods
  • $18,664 value of volunteer time
  • 651 total kits completed

And, so far in 2022, HqO volunteers were able to assemble 315 personalized items and raise nearly $22,000 in contributions for several Building Impact organizations. Some of these projects included: Women Empowerment Packs, STEAM Solar Bot Kits, More Than Words, and LGBTQ+ Youth Camp Bins.

By using a workplace experience app as an aid for volunteering efforts, companies can foster employee productivity, improve employee engagement, and deepen a companys ties to the communities that they serve. Corporate volunteering can unlock substantial value for any business model.


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