Why You Need a Workplace Experience Platform for Your Employees

Why Employees Need a Workplace Experience Platform | HqO
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As we navigate through a post pandemic world, the workplace continues to evolve right before our eyes. Today, corporate employees prefer a flexible, hybrid work model over working full-time in an office. According to Allen Bernard,​​ research shows that 97% of business leaders think hybrid work environments will not damage corporate culture long-term, and that there are negative consequences to having so many people working remotely. 

But, how do employers find the best way to adopt flexible or hybrid work policies? The answer is to improve workplace experience by promoting the values of the physical office and connecting those with the at-home office.The workplace is no longer just a building, it is where employees go to do their best work. Which is why in order to improve employee experience, you must improve the overall workplace experience. 

Workplace experience can encompass a variety of things, but most importantly it encompasses helpful resources and tools, perks and benefits, events, as well as convenience services — anything that increases employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Searching for a Solution

This past year, there has been a dramatic rise in employee resignations. This trend shows that employees are leaving their employers in droves in search of better work environments. More than ever, employees expect more from the buildings they work in — and delivering on their demands is the only sure way to increase talent attraction and retention.

Employees are looking for not only a flexible workplace, but a personalized workplace community that provides strong connections between people and place. 

As employee needs evolve, they will opt for a workplace that offers them tools to set them up for success. Services such as mobile access, access to workplace amenities, resource booking, digital programming, and communication tools are all things an employee will consider when seeking employment. And, as you may have guessed, technology is the key to powering these desired experiences. 

The Need for Technology

In order to decrease employee turnover and increase employee retention, employers are turning to employee experience platforms. It is important that employers prioritize improving the physical workplace through the experiences of employees, which is best achieved through easy-to-use and purpose-built technology.

Not surprisingly, business leaders who saw that business performance improved during the pandemic were more likely to view new technologies in a favorable light. According to PwC, most employees seek out digital solutions such as communication tools, resource booking, and mobile access. However, only 60% of employees say they’re satisfied with the mobile options available to them.

It’s no surprise that companies are investing more than ever in technology geared towards fostering workplace and employee experiences. However, many business leaders will invest in multiple apps or tools. This actually poses a significant challenge to hybrid employees and the workplace. Employers need to invest in a full end-to-end platform that can consolidate these features into a single interface to improve job satisfaction and employee engagement.

Workplace experience technology plays an important role in supporting the rise of hybrid work environments that benefits both employees and employers, while delivering long-term success for both parties. With the right technology, organizations can optimize real estate spend, improve productivity, and attract and retain talent — all by improving the workplace, one experience at a time.

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