Why Your Company Needs a Workplace Experience App

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Since the onset of COVID-19, the state of workplace and the workplace experience has changed. Corporate employees now have the ability to choose where they work, causing remote and hybrid work to become the new norm. Recently, Robert Half, a global recruiting firm, released a survey that revealed 50% of US workers would rather resign than be forced back to the office full-time.

Corporate Events and Experiences

This brings on a new challenge that employers inevitably have to face. How can they bring employees back into the office and get them to stay? The answer is through an improved workplace experience. While remote workers want to stay remote, some companies believe incentives that improve productivity and foster collaboration and community can be effective tools in encouraging their employees to return to physical spaces.

Many companies are already implementing these perks and changes in their workplaces. For example, Apples plans to get employees back to the office involve developing new and improved spaces through office layout, amenities, and services. In fact, Apple spent billions on building the swanky new landmark Apple Park campus to maintain its team structure.

To keep employees engaged, Google plans to have Lizzo perform a private concert for its employees at an amphitheater near the companys headquarters. And, when Microsoft employees returned to their offices as part of a hybrid work schedule, they were treated to elaborate events such as lawn games and classes for spring basket making and canvas painting.

Turning to a Workplace Experience App

However, employees arent going to go to the office regularly just for certain gimmicks. Employees do not want to trade in their remote work for a splashy event once in a while. Instead, getting employees to the office requires certain utilitarian functions in the workplace as well.

Landlords and real estate agents are now realizing that they need to invest in technologies and services that will combine both the fun perks of the workplace and the functional efficiencies required for employees to do their best work.

To better equip physical office spaces,corporate employers and landlords are turning towards employee experience apps to help with other building features such as work orders, mobile access, and resource booking capabilities.

Technology can take these otherwise disconnected experiences and streamline them to improve the user experience which ultimately improves employee satisfaction and productivity. And, since employees are working in a variety of locations, it’s more important than ever to simplify their work experience.

HqOs Solutions

HqOs workplace experience app is one of these tools that can connect tenants with their remote and hybrid employees. It allows employees to easily use their devices for conference room and desk bookings. It gives them access to amenities such as perks, programming, news, retail outlets, content, health, and wellness opportunities. The mobile app essentially condenses anything an employee needs into one, easy-to-use location. The goal is to make the office as accessible and convenient for employees as possible.

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