Why Your Office’s First Impression Should be a Touchless Guest Experience

A Touchless Guest Experience: Your Office's First Impression | HqO
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The touchless technology industry was growing well before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the need to reduce exposure to surfaces due to the virus has since increased demand for products and services that can create a truly touchless guest experience. Building capabilities like touchless entry and visitor management have now exploded into the market. So much so, that sales of touchless visitor management systems alone are expected to reach $2 billion by 2026.

Visitor management systems allow commercial office buildings to keep their buildings secure, while processing visitors and guests without compromising safety. Even though new research has revealed that physical surfaces aren’t a high risk in terms of spreading the virus, offering a touchless guest experience can actually be a strong marketing point for commercial real estate (CRE) teams. Specifically, it will help attract and retain tenants who are concerned about the health and safety needs of the office by making them feel more comfortable, while also establishing a modern and frictionless building journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Evolution of the Visitor Management System for Commercial Real Estate

The concept of visitor management systems in commercial real estate isn’t new. In fact, the need for an enhanced visitor management solution started around 10 years ago. As the world entered more solidly into the digital age, it was clear that office buildings had outgrown the traditional manual sign-in sheets and guest books. The first digital management systems were facilitated by iPads and tablets, prompting guests and visitors to digitally sign in with a stylus or their finger. It was a vast improvement over log books, but didn’t offer the safety of today’s no-touch visitor management features.

Nowadays, visitor management systems assist with more than just health protocols. Having guests and visitors pre-registered and pre-screened helps to reduce lines at front desks and congested office lobbies. A visitor sign-in system also eliminates the need for separate keys or access codes for different parts of a building, such as storage areas for offices, parking lots, and on-site fitness facilities. A touchless visitor management system can also print visitor badges for visitors, include building and area maps for guests, notify individuals of their visitor’s arrival, and share reminders of building regulations and protocols through a mobile tenant app. 

Five Other Aspects of Your Guest Experience That Should Go Touchless

Reception desks are just the beginning when it comes to touchless office building management. Similar technology can be used in a number of other areas to increase sanitation measures and modernize the workplace:

  1. Sanitation monitoring. Touchless technology can be used to tell your building manager when hand sanitizer pumps need to be refilled or toilet paper replaced in the restrooms. It can also be used on the dispensers themselves, so that tenants and guests never have to touch a physical surface.
  2. Streamlining food and beverage delivery. Touchless technology can help offices feed their tenants, staff, and guests without contact. A number of companies, such as HqOS Marketplace partner Sharebite, allow you to order food and pay directly via an app on your smartphone.
  3. Booking building resources. Booking building resources can also be made touchless. Through a tenant app, reserving a conference room, event space, or amenity has never been easier.
  4. Providing mobile access. Mobile access functions for authorized parties can be easily achieved via touchless technology, so that building occupants can leverage their smartphones to enter the building and other dedicated spaces.
  5. Digital programming. Digital programming can help supplement on-site facilities by allowing tenants to schedule virtual health and wellness classes, educational courses, and even partake in giveaways — all available on their phones.

All of these functions not only make it easier for your building staff to do their jobs, but also make a great impression on tenants and their guests. Using touchless technology is a great way to increase building occupancy and customer satisfaction in a modern world.

The Touchless Differentiator

Touchless technology is not just something that’s been useful during the pandemic. Visitor management systems and other touchless technologies are creating new standards for commercial real estate, making for better physical-to-digital workplace experiences. The money owners and property teams spend now to put these technologies in place is an investment in their future, and will generate value in the long-run as more tenants and guests seek out spaces that align with their own tech-enabled lifestyles.

For more information on touchless technology and how HqO can help equip your office portfolio, check out our Marketplace of technology partners.

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